Dwayne Carter iii: Early Life, Education, Siblings, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth & More

Dwayne Carter III, known to many as Lil Wayne’s son, shares his father’s passion for music. Born on October 22, 2008, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dwayne is now a teenager exploring his own musical journey. His father, Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., has been a major influence on him.

Lil Wayne’s musical career began at an astonishingly young age of 11, when he was signed by Cash Money, under the mentorship of rapper Birdman. Known for iconic albums like The Carter series, Lil Wayne has become a legend in the music industry. His accomplishments include over 200 million record sales and a collection of prestigious awards, including 5 Grammys and 11 BET Awards.

Despite his father’s fame, Dwayne Carter III tends to keep a low profile, preferring to stay out of the public eye. However, he shares his dad’s love for music and occasionally attends concerts. Every now and then, he’s spotted posing for pictures with artists like Chris Brown, showcasing his budding connection to the music world.


Full nameDwayne Carter III
Date of birth22 October 2008
Age14 years old at the time of writing (2023)
Zodiac signLibra
BirthplaceCincinnati, Ohio, USA
Current nationalityAmerican
Marital statusSingle
Hair colourBrown
Eye colourBrown
ParentsSarah Vivan and Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr
SiblingsReginae Carter, Cameron Carter, Neal Carter, and Essence Vivian (half-siblings)
Native languageEnglish

Dwayne Carter III Age

Dwayne Carter III, often referred to as Lil Tune, is the son of the renowned rapper Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., famously known as Lil Wayne. He entered the world on October 22, 2008, in Ohio, and proudly identifies as African American. Growing up, he was raised in a Christian household, embracing his faith as a guiding light.

As an American by nationality, Dwayne Carter III embodies the traits of a Libra, born under the sign of balance and harmony. As of 2023, he’s blossoming into a young adult at the age of 15.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Dwayne Carter III has adopted the stage name Lil Tune, carving out his own identity in the music world. Despite his lineage, he’s largely shielded from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, with only a few glimpses captured during his childhood. His parents have made it a priority to provide him with a semblance of privacy amidst their fame.

Dwayne Carter III Early Life And Education

Dwayne Carter III Early Life And Education

Dwayne Carter III is just like any other kid when it comes to school. He eagerly dives into his studies, relishing the opportunity to soak up new knowledge and have fun with his friends. School for him is a thrilling adventure, where he eagerly dives into drawing, reading stories, and solving puzzles. He’s not just about academics though; Dwayne enjoys sharing his love for music and sports with his classmates, adding a touch of excitement to the classroom.

His teachers often remark on his insatiable curiosity and his eagerness to learn, noting that he’s always the first to jump into new activities and explore unfamiliar topics. For Dwayne, each day at school is a journey of discovery, akin to exploring a vast and fascinating map filled with endless treasures waiting to be unearthed.

Dwayne Carter III  Physical Appearance

Dwayne Carter III is a bundle of youthful energy, now hitting his stride at 15 years old as of October 2023. Like any teenager, he’s experiencing growth spurts, his height and weight constantly shifting as he becomes taller and stronger with each passing day—almost like a superhero in the making! While we don’t have exact measurements, picture him a tad taller than the last time you caught a glimpse of him.

With a radiant smile that could brighten even the gloomiest of days, Dwayne exudes charisma wherever he goes. His fashion sense often reflects his father’s, Lil Wayne, with cool, trendy outfits that catch the eye.

His skin boasts a smooth complexion, and there’s a twinkle in his eyes that hints at his readiness for adventure. Dwayne’s hair is always kept neat, styled in playful ways that add to his cool demeanor. Just like any teenager, he’s constantly evolving, so don’t be surprised if he looks a little different each time you see him—after all, he’s growing up just like you!

Dwayne Carter III Nationality And Ethnicity

Dwayne Carter III is from a place called the United States, which means he is American. Just like a puzzle has different pieces, people come from different backgrounds that fit together to make who they are. Dwayne’s dad, Lil Wayne, is African American, which is a part of Dwayne’s story too.

This makes Dwayne a blend of wonderful histories and cultures, showing us how everyone’s unique story is important.

Who Is The Mother Of Dwayne Carter III? 

Who Is The Mother Of Dwayne Carter III? 

Dwayne Carter III mother, Sarah ViVan, is a vibrant presence in the world of social media and radio. She and Lil Wayne crossed paths at a bustling nightclub in Cincinnati, where their connection sparked into something more. However, as with many relationships, theirs encountered its share of challenges, and they reportedly parted ways sometime after welcoming their son into the world.

Despite the ups and downs, Sarah remains a dedicated mother, pouring her love and attention into raising Dwayne. While their romantic journey may have taken unexpected turns, their commitment to co-parenting ensures that Dwayne is surrounded by love and support from both sides of his family.

Dwayne Carter III’s Siblings 

Dwayne Carter III’s Siblings 

Dwayne Carter III shares a special bond with his siblings, including Kameron Carter, Neal Carter, Reginae Carter, and Essence Vivian. While they’re considered half-siblings, they share a strong familial connection, especially on their father’s side. Essence, however, is unique as she’s Dwayne’s half-sibling on his mother Sarah’s side of the family.

Growing up in the spotlight can be daunting, but Dwayne has managed to carve out a private life away from the prying eyes of the public. Despite his parents’ fame, he values his privacy and focuses on living a normal teenage life, surrounded by the love of his family and friends.

Though he prefers to keep a low profile, Dwayne is always there to support his father, Lil Wayne, during his milestones and achievements. Their bond remains strong, and Lil Wayne continues to play an active role in his son’s life, offering guidance and love along the way.

Lil Wayne And Sarah Vinn Meet

Lil Wayne And Sarah Vinn Meet

Lil Wayne and Sarah Vinn’s love story began in a rather serendipitous way— at an after-party following one of Lil Wayne’s electrifying concerts in Cincinnati. It was 2006, and Sarah, then 19, found herself drawn to the magnetic energy of the rapper’s performance.

Already a devoted fan of Lil Wayne’s music, Sarah was thrilled when they crossed paths at the after-party. Their connection was instant, and sparks flew as they hit it off right away. Before long, they found themselves immersed in a whirlwind romance, deeply enamored with each other’s company.

For the next two years, Sarah and Lil Wayne shared countless memories, navigating the highs and lows of their relationship with unwavering support and love. In 2008, their love story reached a new milestone with the arrival of their son, Dwayne Carter III, who became the embodiment of their enduring bond and shared dreams for the future.

Are Dwayne Carter III’s Mom And Lil Wayne Still A Couple?

Despite their best efforts to nurture their relationship, Lil Wayne and Sarah Vinn quietly parted ways after a couple of years together. Their separation was as subdued as their romance had been, with no fanfare or drama to mark the end of their time together.

Little did they know, a beautiful surprise was on the horizon. Unbeknownst to them, Sarah discovered she was expecting shortly before their breakup. Despite the circumstances, both Sarah and Lil Wayne were overjoyed by the news, immediately prioritizing the well-being of their unborn child.

In a heartwarming gesture of unity, Lil Wayne took to the stage at the BET Hip-Hop Awards ceremony in 2008 to share his impending fatherhood with the world. Although he kept the identity of the mother under wraps at the time, his announcement was met with anticipation and excitement from fans and industry peers alike.

With their baby on the way, Lil Wayne and Sarah made a mutual decision to maintain a positive and amicable relationship for the sake of their child. Agreeing on joint custody, they ensured that their son would have the love and support of both parents as he embarked on his journey through life.

Dwayne Carter III’s Interest in Music

Dwayne Carter III’s Interest in Music

At just 12 years old, Dwayne has already shown a keen interest in following in his father’s musical footsteps. Under the stage name Lil Tune, he made his debut in the music scene, surprising fans with his participation in his father’s song, “FL4M3$,” back in 2020. Many were impressed by his performance, marveling at how effortlessly he channeled his father’s talent, bringing a wave of nostalgia reminiscent of Lil Wayne’s iconic track “A Milli.”

Beyond his budding music career, Dwayne also finds joy in attending concerts, where he’s been spotted rubbing shoulders with stars like Chris Brown, Lil Baby, Drake, and Jack Harlow. His passion for music doesn’t end there; he even made an appearance on his dad’s 2020 mixtape, “No Ceilings 3,” alongside his half-brother Kameron.

While Dwayne has only dipped his toes into the world of music with a single release, the future remains uncertain regarding whether he’ll fully embrace a career in the industry. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that he’s inherited his father’s love for the art form and possesses undeniable talent. Fans eagerly anticipate watching Lil Tune evolve and pursue his passions, eagerly cheering him on as he navigates his own path in the music world, much like his father before him.

Dwayne Carter III Social Media Presence

Even though Dwayne Carter III is still too young for his own social media accounts, you can catch glimpses of him on his mom or dad’s pages from time to time. They take pride in showcasing his achievements, whether he’s scoring goals on the sports field, testing out his musical talents, or simply flashing his infectious smile for the camera. It’s like getting a little sneak peek into his world, giving us a taste of his daily adventures.

When his parents share photos or videos, it feels like Dwayne is waving hello to all of us, inviting us to join in on his journey. So, if you want to catch these heartwarming moments, keep an eye on his mom and dad’s social media feeds—they’re sure to brighten up your day.

Dwayne Carter III Net Worth 

Dwayne Carter III Net Worth 

At Dwayne Carter III’s young age, discussing his net worth is like trying to predict the ending of a story that’s just beginning. While adults typically earn money through jobs, Dwayne’s main focus right now is soaking up knowledge and enjoying himself at school. You could say he’s like a superhero in training, discovering new abilities with each passing day.

Though he may not have earned any major trophies just yet, every new skill he masters feels like a monumental achievement. While we can’t measure his wealth in dollars, Dwayne is rich in experiences, learning, and exciting adventures. After all, the true riches in life often come from the joy of discovery and growth.

Dwayne Carter III Legacy And Impact

Dwayne Carter III is at the beginning of his journey, and it’s too early to predict the legacy he’ll leave behind. However, even at his young age, he’s already making a significant impact simply by being himself. Through his kindness, willingness to try new things, and embrace of fun, he’s showing everyone around him the importance of these values.

Despite being just a kid, Dwayne is already inspiring other children to pursue their dreams and find happiness in their own adventures. His infectious enthusiasm and zest for life serve as a reminder to all of us to smile and savor every moment along the way.

As Dwayne continues to grow and discover more about himself and the world around him, he’s teaching us all valuable lessons about the power of positivity, resilience, and the joy of simply being true to oneself. His journey is only beginning, and we can’t wait to see the incredible impact he’ll continue to make as he writes his story.

Dwayne Carter III Hobbies

  • Dwayne finds joy in playing with toys that produce music, captivated by the magical sounds and melodies they create.
  • Outdoors, he embraces his inner superhero, running and jumping with exhilaration, feeling the wind rush past him as he explores his imaginative world.
  • Armed with a box of colorful crayons, Dwayne unleashes his creativity on paper, crafting vivid pictures that transport him to fantastical realms limited only by his imagination.
  • Whether it’s tossing a ball or sprinting across the field, Dwayne eagerly embraces the challenge of learning new sports, relishing in the excitement of mastering new skills.
  • Like father, like son—music is a constant source of joy in Dwayne’s life, filling his days with rhythm and dance as he grooves along to his favorite tunes.


Q. What are Dwayne’s favorite hobbies?

Dwayne enjoys a range of activities including playing with musical toys, running outdoors, drawing, trying out new sports, and listening to music.

Q. Is Dwayne pursuing a career in music like his father?

While Dwayne has shown an interest in music and even participated in one of his father’s songs, it’s uncertain if he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in music.

Q. How does Dwayne’s upbringing differ from other children?

Despite being the child of famous parents, Dwayne’s upbringing is relatively private, with his parents prioritizing his privacy and allowing him to lead a normal childhood away from the public eye.


Dwayne Carter III, the son of the famous rapper Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan, is a bright young boy with a future full of possibilities. Despite the fame of his parents, Dwayne is charting his own course, discovering his passions, and relishing in the simple pleasures of childhood. Whether he’s lost in play with toys, feeling the breeze during outdoor adventures, or immersed in the melodies of music, Dwayne’s story is just unfolding, and there’s boundless potential ahead for this budding young talent.

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