Nivine Jay’s Age: A Closer Look Bio Wiki, Height, Net Worth & Family

Nivine Jay Age 

31 Years Old (2023)

Nivine Jay is a multi-talented American figure, making waves in the realms of acting, modeling, writing, and social media influencing. Her presence in the spotlight was initially sparked by a viral moment in 2021 when she shared a video sent to her by Ben Affleck on Instagram, following their interaction on the dating app Raya. This incident catapulted her into the public eye and solidified her status as a social media influencer, with a substantial following on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Beyond her online presence, Nivine has been steadily carving out a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. While she aspires to further her acting career, she has already made notable appearances in both movies and television shows, including roles in projects like “The Donut Split” (2014) and “Space Juice” (2021). Her versatility extends to the literary world, where she has authored a book titled “Crybaby,” showcasing her writing prowess and ability to connect with audiences on a deeper level.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Nivine’s personal life has also garnered attention, particularly her relationship with Jason Nash, a prominent comedian, YouTuber, and social media personality. Together, they form a dynamic duo, capturing the hearts of fans with their chemistry and shared adventures.

Overall, Nivine Jay’s journey reflects a blend of talent, ambition, and authenticity, as she continues to leave her mark on various platforms and industries, inspiring others with her creativity and resilience.

Nivine Jay Age 

Nivine Jay Age 

Nivine Jay was born on May 29, 1992, and as of April 2024, she’s 31 years old. Her upbringing in a supportive environment fueled her early creative aspirations, leading her to pursue a career in acting, modeling, and writing. Throughout her journey, Nivine has demonstrated resilience and a relentless passion for her craft. Now, standing at a crossroads, she continues to navigate her path with determination, eager to leave her mark on the world through her work and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Who Is Nivine Jay?

Who Is Nivine Jay?

Nivine Jay’s engagement with comedian Jason Nash may be her most recognizable aspect in the entertainment and social media spheres. Boasting over 70,000 followers, her Instagram account has evolved into a hub for her captivating modeling shots and glimpses into her lifestyle. However, Nivine’s talents extend far beyond her relationship status. She actively engages in discussions within the sports industry, contributing insightful content to platforms like The Sporting Tribune. Her online presence resonates not only for her captivating demeanor but also for her diverse interests and depth of knowledge, solidifying her reputation as a multifaceted influencer in the digital realm.

Nivine Jay’s  Biography 

Nivine Jay's  Biography 

Nivine Jay’s journey to fame commenced in her birthplace of Los Angeles on May 29, 1992. Raised in a Christian household, she nurtured a passion for modeling from an early age, which ultimately propelled her toward her current position in the entertainment industry. Opting to attend a private school in the area, Nivine boldly charted her course toward a career in show business upon graduation.

While Nivine shares aspects of her life transparently, she remains cautious about her family’s privacy, particularly regarding the specifics of her parents’ lives. Despite this discretion, Nivine’s bond with her siblings, “Nour Petite” and “Mahmoud,” remains a cornerstone of strength and support in her life. Mahmoud’s entrepreneurial endeavors and Nour Petite’s pursuit of a modeling career mirror Nivine’s ambition and drive, underscoring the integrity and values that define their familial dynamic. Through this glimpse into her family life, Nivine Jay’s character shines, reflecting her commitment to authenticity and the bonds that shape her identity.

Nivine Jay  Profile Summary

Full Real NameNivine Jay
Age31 years old(2023)
ProfessionActress, Model, Author, Social Media Influencer
Date of BirthMay 29, 1992 (Friday)
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
EducationGraduate from Local Private School
Alma materLocal Private School
Net worth$1.5 million (approx.)
Height (approx.)In Feet Inches: 5′ 3″
Weight (approx.)In Kilograms: 50 kg
Eye ColorHazel
Hair ColorDark Brown
Zodiac SignGemini

What Is Nivine Jay’s Height?

What Is Nivine Jay’s Height?

Jason Nash’s fiancée, Nivine Jay, is measured at a height of 5 feet 3 inches, equivalent to approximately 160 centimeters. Tipping the scales at around 115 pounds or 52 kilograms, she maintains a slender physique. These physical attributes contribute to her presence both on and off-screen, complementing her vibrant personality and enhancing her versatility in various roles within the entertainment industry. Nivine’s stature not only adds to her on-screen charisma but also underscores her confidence and poise in navigating the spotlight.

Body Measurements

Nivine Jay boasts a slender figure, tipping the scales at about fifty-two kilograms, equivalent to one hundred and forty pounds. Standing at an estimated height of 5 feet 3 inches, or roughly 1.6 meters, she carries herself with grace and poise. Her captivating hazel eyes add depth to her gaze, while her luscious brown locks frame her face with elegance. Completing her ensemble, she often slips into a size 6 shoe, effortlessly blending style and comfort.

Early Life And Childhood

Early Life And Childhood

Nivine Jay’s educational journey unfolded within the halls of a local private school nestled in her hometown. Yet, even amidst her academic pursuits, her heart gravitated towards the world of modeling. From a young age, she found herself enchanted by the allure of the fashion industry, seamlessly intertwining her studies with her passion. The glitz and glamour became her guiding stars, igniting within her the fervent desire to carve her name into the annals of fashion history.

Rooted in her Lebanese heritage, Nivine’s upbringing was a mosaic of cultural richness and diversity. Each thread of her upbringing wove together a tapestry of experiences that shaped her perspective and set her life’s trajectory. Her heritage imbued her narrative with layers of complexity, painting a portrait of a woman deeply connected to her roots and fiercely proud of her cultural identity. Through her lens, she embraced the intricacies of her heritage, infusing her journey with a unique and vibrant perspective that set her apart in the fashion world.

Family Of Nivine Jay

While Nivine Jay is forthcoming with her thoughts and beliefs, she maintains a respectful boundary when it comes to discussing personal details about her parents. Raised in a Christian household, Nivine’s upbringing was rooted in values of love and compassion. Although she chooses not to delve into specifics about her family, it’s apparent that her mother played a pivotal role in nurturing a warm and supportive home environment while her father found success as an entrepreneur. While Nivine guards their privacy, it’s undeniable that their influence has shaped her moral compass and upbringing, instilling in her a strong sense of integrity and empathy.

Nivine Jay  Siblings 

Nivine Jay’s Instagram feed paints a vibrant picture of her tight-knit family, where she proudly features her siblings, Nour Petite and Mahmoud. This glimpse into her personal life reveals a bond strengthened by shared interests and aspirations. Notably, Nivine’s passion for modeling appears to have influenced her sister, who is also carving her path in the industry. Following in her footsteps, Nour Petite is making strides in the world of modeling, showcasing her unique flair and talent. On the other hand, Mahmoud, the entrepreneurial force within the family, assumes the role of a business leader, steering various ventures with his innovative approach and business acumen. Together, the Jay siblings embody a rich tapestry of skills and passions, each contributing to their family’s collective success and legacy.

Wedding Of Nivine Jay

Wedding Of Nivine Jay

In 2021, Nivine Jay’s life took an unexpected turn when she had a memorable encounter with Ben Affleck, sparking a connection that would eventually lead to a blossoming relationship with Jason Nash. Despite their significant fifteen-year age gap, Nivine and Jason share a deep bond and a natural comfort in each other’s company. Their dynamic is often showcased in Jason’s lighthearted TikTok and YouTube videos, where Nivine is a frequent and beloved presence, highlighting their shared sense of humor and easy rapport.

The announcement of their engagement in December 2022 marked a significant milestone in their relationship, despite Jason’s simultaneous reaffirmation of his commitment to Jessica. While their unconventional love story may have raised eyebrows initially, it’s evident that the love between Nivine and Jason is genuine and enduring.

Looking forward, Nivine is eagerly anticipating the opportunities that lie ahead, both personally and professionally. Her unexpected rise to fame has empowered her to navigate her career and personal life with confidence, embracing each new challenge with enthusiasm and determination. With Jason as her steadfast partner, she feels ready to tackle whatever adventures await them, both as a couple and as individuals.

Nivine Jay’s Former Partner

Nivine Jay’s journey to stardom began with a TikTok video capturing her intriguing exchange with Ben Affleck, propelling her into the spotlight. This unexpected twist in her life coincided with another significant announcement: her engagement to Jason Nash, a prominent figure in the YouTube and Vlog Squad community.

The pivotal moment in their relationship unfolded when Jason shared the news of their engagement across his YouTube and Instagram platforms, endearing themselves to their followers. Jason’s past romance with Trisha Paytas adds an intriguing dimension to their love story, drawing even more interest from their dedicated fanbase.

Thanks to reliable sources, Nivine’s life story is portrayed with transparency and authenticity, allowing fans to forge a deeper connection with her journey. As her narrative unfolds, fans are allowed to engage with her experiences on a more profound level, solidifying her place in their hearts and minds.

Nivine Jay Career 

Nivine Jay Career 

Before venturing into the entertainment industry, Nivine Jay’s career trajectory took an unexpected turn when she found herself working as a waitress in a nightclub. However, it didn’t take long for her to realize that her true passion lay in modeling, prompting her to shift her focus. By aligning herself with reputable modeling agencies, Nivine swiftly made a name for herself in the industry.

Her breakthrough moment arrived in 2014 with a role in the film “The Donut Split,” garnering attention from insiders and opening doors to further acting opportunities. Building on this momentum, Nivine showcased her versatility and talent by adding diverse roles to her acting repertoire. In 2021, Nivine’s career soared to new heights with her portrayal of Rehab Sam in the movie “Space Juice,” solidifying her position in the entertainment realm. Beyond acting, she co-hosts the popular podcast “Swipe Left” alongside her friend Yasmine, offering listeners a blend of entertainment and insight.

But Nivine’s artistic journey doesn’t stop there. She has also made appearances in various commercials and music videos, demonstrating her adaptability as a performer and reinforcing her reputation as a multifaceted talent in the industry.

Personal Life 

Personal Life 

The announcement of their engagement in December 2022 filled comedian and social media sensation Jason Nash with overwhelming joy as he took to Instagram to share his heartfelt message. Expressing profound gratitude to Nivine, he poured out his love for her, praising her beauty, intellect, and sense of humor as qualities that make her truly exceptional. Jason also lightened the mood by teasing Nivine’s knack for mimicking him, adding a playful touch to their relationship. With their engagement, Jason and Nivine embark on a new chapter brimming with love and optimism for the future.

In the entertainment world, actor Jason Nash is renowned for his prowess in both drama and comedy. Notably, he wrote, produced, and starred in two films, “FML” (2016) and “Jason Nash is Married” (2014), showcasing his multifaceted talents. Previously married to Marney Hochman from 2007 to 2017, with whom he shares two children, Jason’s journey led him to find love again with Nivine in 2017. Despite past challenges, the happiness shared between Jason and Nivine signals a promising future ahead for the couple.

Getting Her Big Break

Nivine Jay made her initial foray into the entertainment industry in 2013 with an uncredited appearance as a sorority girl on Kroll Show. The following year marked her first credited role, directed by budding filmmaker Mayuran Tiruchelvam in the short film “The Donut Split.” Despite starting with modest roles and pursuing modeling, it was in 2021 that Nivine’s career trajectory took a remarkable turn. Her name became synonymous with fame after a viral video featuring her encounter with Ben Affleck made headlines, catapulting her into the spotlight and fundamentally altering the course of her career.

The Ben Affleck Video That Went Viral

In early 2021, Nivine Jay crossed paths with Ben Affleck on Raya, a dating app catering to celebrities and influencers. While initially intrigued, Nivine ultimately unmatched Affleck, suspecting that his profile might not be genuine. Affleck, undeterred, reached out to Nivine with a humorous video on Instagram, playfully challenging her decision to unmatch him on Raya. In response, Nivine shared the video on her Instagram account with the lighthearted message “Sorry Ben.”

The viral exchange caught the attention of major entertainment news outlets, sparking discussions about privacy and boundaries in the age of social media. While some found Affleck’s response amusing, others raised concerns about the implications of such interactions.

Despite the mixed reception, the video proved to be a turning point in Nivine Jay’s career as both an actress and influencer. Within days, she experienced a surge in her Instagram following, gaining over 50,000 new followers and unlocking numerous opportunities in the process. Reflecting on the experience, Nivine expressed no regrets, acknowledging the positive impact it had on her burgeoning career.

Pursuing Her Passions

Following her viral encounter with Ben Affleck, Nivine Jay has remained active in the realms of performance, modeling, and writing, seizing upon new opportunities that have arisen as a result. Undeterred by the sudden spotlight, she has embraced her multifaceted talents, continuing to hone her craft and explore new creative avenues. With each endeavor, Nivine is forging ahead with determination and enthusiasm, eager to see where her post-viral journey will lead her.

Acting: From Bit Parts To Leading Roles

Nivine Jay’s acting journey has evolved significantly from her early modest roles to now encompassing both supporting and major roles in the industry. In 2021, she showcased her comedic prowess by portraying the female lead in the independent comedy “Space Juice,” where she brought to life the character of an aspiring actress embarking on a whimsical journey. Building on this success, Nivine is set to take on her most substantial acting role yet in Blumhouse Productions’ TV drama “Taurus.” This opportunity marks a significant milestone in her career, underscoring her growth and prominence within the entertainment industry. As she continues to expand her horizons, Nivine is poised to make even greater strides in her craft and leave an indelible mark on the world of acting.

Modeling: Leveraging Social Media Fame

Nivine Jay’s modeling career has flourished alongside her acting pursuits, with her social media platforms serving as valuable tools for marketing fashion and cosmetics brands she collaborates with. Through her Instagram presence, where she boasts 290,000 followers, Nivine elegantly showcases a wide array of stunning clothing and premium products, captivating her audience with her impeccable style and aesthetic. Her collaboration roster includes esteemed brands such as FashionNova, Icon Swim, Yandy, Luli Fama Swimwear, Icon London NYC, Cheri Beautiful, and Infinity Sun, further solidifying her status as a sought-after figure in the fashion and beauty industries. This trajectory illustrates Nivine’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in the world of fashion and beauty business.

Writing: Sharing Her Story with the World

Nivine Jay’s autobiographical book, “Cry Baby: The Five Stages of Grief After An Unexpected Breakup,” showcases her multifaceted talents beyond performing and modeling, delving into her passion for writing. This poignant narrative chronicles Nivine’s journey toward healing following a challenging breakup experience.

In “Cry Baby,” Nivine courageously navigates readers through the intense emotional stages of grief, including sadness, denial, anger, bargaining, despair, and ultimately, acceptance. Through her candid and introspective prose, she bares her soul, offering readers a glimpse into her innermost thoughts, fears, and vulnerabilities. In doing so, Nivine illuminates both the depths of her emotional anguish and her unwavering strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Rumors And Controversies

While Nivine Jay has maintained an impeccable reputation, she found herself embroiled in a dispute on the dating app Raya with Ben Affleck. Upon encountering Affleck’s profile on Raya, Nivine opted to decline the connection, harboring suspicions about its authenticity. Affleck, however, reached out to Nivine via Instagram with a video message adorned with a skull and crossbones emoji, extending an apology for the unmatched connection. He also directly messaged Nivine, questioning her decision and affirming his identity with the statement, “It’s me.”

Nivine’s decision to share Affleck’s video on her Instagram was significant, reflecting her commitment to transparency and authenticity. By openly addressing this incident, she demonstrated honesty and sincerity, thereby enhancing her public image and fostering trust among her audience. Nivine’s swift and forthright response to Affleck’s unexpected outreach underscores her integrity and willingness to confront challenging situations head-on, further solidifying her reputation as a trustworthy and reliable figure.

Fascinating Facts

Here are some intriguing facts about Nivine Jay that highlight her diverse talents and interests:

  1. In addition to her successful ventures in acting and modeling, Nivine Jay has collaborated with prominent internet personalities, crafting captivating content that has captured widespread attention across various platforms. Beyond her on-screen endeavors, she has showcased her versatility by stepping into the role of a fitness instructor in a memorable Doritos commercial.
  2. Furthermore, Nivine has demonstrated her prowess as an author with the publication of her book “Cry Baby,” offering readers an intimate glimpse into her journey and showcasing her talent as a writer. Her creativity extends beyond the written word, as she has also ventured into the realm of stand-up comedy, delighting audiences with her comedic flair on stage.
  3. Outside of her professional pursuits, Nivine’s interests reflect her diverse passions. A self-professed lover of cakes, she indulges in her sweet tooth with gusto, finding joy in the delectable pleasures of baked goods. Additionally, she harbors a deep affection for animals, treating them with kindness and care as cherished members of society.

Nivine Jay’s Social Media Presence

Nivine Jay's Social Media Presence

Instagram: @nivinejay This is where she shares her modeling photos, lifestyle content, and collaborations with fashion and beauty brands.

TikTok: @nivinejay – On TikTok, she shares entertaining and engaging videos, showcasing her personality and sense of humor.

Twitter: @nivinejay – Follow her on Twitter for updates, thoughts, and insights into her daily life and career endeavors.

YouTube: Nivine Jay – Subscribe to her YouTube channel for behind-the-scenes glimpses, vlogs, and other exclusive content.

Through various social media platforms, Nivine Jay provides a window into her life, career, and personality, fostering connections with her fans and keeping them engaged in her journey through the entertainment industry. Whether sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of her work, offering insights into her personal experiences, or showcasing her vibrant personality, Nivine utilizes these platforms to create a sense of intimacy and accessibility for her audience. By maintaining an active presence online, she cultivates a community of supporters who can follow along as she navigates the highs and lows of her career, forging meaningful connections along the way.

Nivine Jay’s Net Worth

Nivine Jay’s Net Worth
Net Worth$1.5 Million

Nivine Jay’s unwavering commitment to her career has not only brought her recognition but has also secured her financial stability. Anticipated to reach a net worth of $1.5 million in 2024, her success stands as a testament to her passion and resilience in the entertainment industry.

Through diligent effort and careful planning, Nivine has adeptly navigated the unpredictable landscape of show business while ensuring her financial well-being. Her strategic approach to job opportunities and prudent management of resources have further bolstered her financial standing, underscoring her business savvy.

Nivine’s ability to balance artistic pursuits with financial considerations in a volatile market highlights her astute judgment and foresight. Her achievements speak volumes about her talent, ambition, and capacity to excel in both artistic and business realms.

With a solid financial foundation in place, Nivine is empowered to confidently pursue new ventures and continue pursuing her creative passions with unwavering determination in the ever-evolving entertainment industry.

FAQs About Nivine Jay

Q: How old is Nivine Jay?

A: Nivine Jay was born on May 29, 1992, making her 31 years old as of 2023.

Q: What does Nivine Jay do for a living?

A: Nivine Jay is a multifaceted professional, excelling as an actress, model, author, and social media influencer.

Q: Who is Nivine Jay engaged to?

A: Nivine Jay is engaged to Jason Nash, a comedian, and social media personality.

Q: What is Nivine Jay’s estimated net worth?

A: As of 2024, Nivine Jay’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Q: What notable projects has Nivine Jay worked on?

A: Nivine Jay has left her mark on both the big and small screens, appearing in films such as “The Donut Split” (2014) and “Space Juice” (2021). Additionally, she has showcased her writing talents with the publication of her book, “Cry Baby: The Five Stages of Grief After An Unexpected Breakup.”

Q: How tall is Nivine Jay and what is her weight?

A: Nivine Jay stands at approximately 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimeters) tall and weighs around 115 pounds (52 kilograms).

Q: What is Nivine Jay’s ethnicity?

A: Nivine Jay is of mixed ethnicity, with a Lebanese father and American nationality.


Nivine Jay has established herself as a versatile talent within the entertainment industry, showcasing her skills in acting, modeling, writing, and social media influencing. From humble beginnings to her viral encounter with Ben Affleck and her engagement to Jason Nash, Nivine’s journey epitomizes determination, versatility, and authenticity.

Her unwavering commitment to her craft, combined with her engaging persona and strong online presence, has cultivated a substantial following and propelled her to success across various ventures. With an anticipated net worth of $1.5 million and a bright future ahead, Nivine Jay continues to captivate and inspire audiences with her talent, passion, and genuine approach to her work.

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