Maya Higa Boyfriend: Education, Career, Physical Appearance, Net Worth & More

Maya Elaine Higa, known simply as Maya Higa, is a talented American with a wide array of passions and skills. Alongside her roles as a singer and songwriter, she’s gained significant attention as a Twitch streamer and social media personality. However, her interests extend far beyond entertainment.

At a remarkably young age, Maya has made a notable impact in the field of conservation. As a teenager, she took the initiative to establish the Alveus Sanctuary, a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for exotic animals. Located in Austin, Texas, the sanctuary serves as both a home for these creatures and an educational hub for the community.

Beyond her conservation efforts, Maya’s online presence has garnered widespread acclaim. With over 440k subscribers on YouTube, she’s become a trusted voice in sharing her love for nature and animals. Through her videos, she not only entertains but also educates her audience about the importance of preserving wildlife and their habitats.

Maya Higa’s Boyfriend

Maya, the captivating 24-year-old Twitch streamer, is currently embracing the single life, prioritizing her career above all else. With her innate charm, anyone would consider themselves lucky to have her as a partner.

While rumors have circulated about a potential new love interest since Maya hinted at revealing her boyfriend on her YouTube channel, there have been no recent sightings of her with anyone who fits the bill. Maya has taken her viewers along on a few dates, keeping her boyfriend’s identity under wraps for now.

Though Maya is currently single and hasn’t officially entered into a relationship, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of dating in the future. Despite having dated in the past, Maya is steadfast in her determination to focus on her aspirations. Alongside her career, she’s also dedicated a significant amount of time to volunteering efforts, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact beyond her personal life.

The Past Relationships Of Maya Higa

Maya Higa’s Boyfriend

Maya Higa was previously in a relationship with Matthew Rinaudo, widely known as Mizkif, who also streams on Twitch. While some of Maya’s fans didn’t quite warm up to her ex-boyfriend, their relationship garnered attention within the online community.

Maya’s supporters were happy for her when she and Matthew called it quits in 2021, ending a relationship that had started in 2019. The announcement of their breakup was made on Twitter, a platform familiar to both of them due to their online presence.

Matthew, hailing from Montclair, New Jersey, was born on February 16, 1995. He gained popularity through his Twitch and YouTube channels, boasting impressive subscriber counts. Despite his success, some viewers found his streams unappealing, particularly due to instances where he made inappropriate remarks about fellow streamers.

In one notable incident, he and another streamer faced a ten-day ban for making unwelcome comments about a female streamer. Additionally, Matthew once earned $5,600 from a stream where he essentially just slept, showcasing the unconventional nature of online content creation.

The Unspoken Reasons Behind Mizkif And Maya’s Breakup

The breakup between Mizkif and Maya was described as mutual, but fans have been speculating about the real reasons behind it. Some believe that Mizkif’s friendship with controversial streamer Alinity may have caused tension between him and Maya.

There are also rumors circulating that Mizkif and Maya might reconcile sooner than expected, with some suggesting that the breakup could be a ploy for attention or content.

In the midst of all this, fellow streamers like Asmongold and Pokimane have offered their support to the former couple. Asmongold expressed his willingness to be there for them, while Pokimane sent her best wishes to both streamers, offering them her love and support.

Early Life Of Maya Higa

Early Life Of Maya Higa

Maya Higa entered this world on May 24, 1998, in California, to a Japanese father and an American mother. Her childhood unfolded in the serene setting of a farmhouse nestled in Northern California, where she shared cherished moments with her two brothers and sister. As the youngest sibling, Maya was likely nurtured by the love and guidance of her family.

In June 2020, Maya celebrated a significant achievement, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education and communication from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

As of now, TheCityCeleb is still in the process of confirming the identities and names of Maya’s parents and siblings. Further details regarding her family members remain under review by TheCityCeleb, adding an air of mystery to Maya’s personal life.

Maya Higa Education

Maya hasn’t shared details about her high school experience, but there are rumors circulating that she received a solid education during those formative years. Later on, she reportedly pursued higher education at California Polytechnic State University, though this information hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Maya Higa Career

Maya Higa Career

Before Maya delved into the world of Twitch content creation, she embarked on a modeling career at just 13 years old. Over time, she landed various modeling opportunities, steadily building a loyal fan base. It wasn’t until 2019 that Maya stumbled upon Twitch, initially joining to hang out with friends during their live streams. With a nudge from her peers, Maya decided to share her vibrant personality and vocal talents on the platform, drawing from her experiences on Instagram.

Her love for animals shines through in her content, evident from her ownership of a horse and her part-time work at a zoo. Maya harbors aspirations of becoming a falcon expert, a passion she’s keen to explore further. Her Twitch journey gained traction when she shared a heartwarming clip about Bean, a hawk she nursed back to health after an injury. The clip quickly went viral, catapulting Maya into the spotlight.

Despite the sudden fame, Maya found herself grappling with the pressure of overnight success, contemplating deleting her channel at one point. However, the outpouring of support, particularly from the Reddit community, encouraged her to persevere. Maya’s authenticity and unique content resonated with viewers, steadily growing her audience.

In an interview with Newsweek, Maya expressed her desire for her platform to make a positive impact, pledging to donate her earnings from a birthday stream to a homeless facility in Obispo County. She also shed light on the financial needs of the ‘5 Cities Homeless Coalition,’ a charity she has supported since her college days. Maya’s philanthropic efforts on Twitch have raised significant funds for charitable causes, showcasing the platform’s potential for social good.

Maya Higa physical features

Maya’s natural beauty has opened doors to a thriving modeling career, both online and with major brands. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters) tall and weighing 105 pounds (48 kilograms), she exudes elegance. Her UK shoe size is reportedly 5. With captivating brown eyes and long, luscious dark brown hair, Maya’s fans adore seeing her on live streams. Adding to her charm, Maya’s skin boasts three tattoos, each inspired by her mother, adding a personal touch to her stunning appearance.

Physical FeatureDescription
Height5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters)
Weight105 pounds (48 kilograms)
Shoe Size (UK)5
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown
TattoosThree tattoos inspired by her mum

Maya Higa Scandals And Controversies

Maya found herself in the midst of controversy when a decision was made to limit donations on the platform following concerns raised by another Twitch streamer, Pokimane. Expressed her disappointment, feeling that it was unfortunate and somewhat unreasonable to restrict people from donating as they wish, especially if it’s from their hard-earned money.

Her reaction received a mixed response, as some pointed out that Maya herself has received substantial donations in the past. Additionally, there are unconfirmed reports suggesting that Maya faced a ban due to her decision to create an ‘OnlyFans’ account, adding another layer to the controversy.

Maya’s Collaborations And Charity Work

Maya is deeply committed to conservation causes and has actively supported organizations like ‘The American Eagle Foundation’ and ‘Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.’ She proudly identifies as a conservationist, using her platform to shine a light on endangered species. Maya’s efforts were particularly impactful when she raised nearly $3,000 to aid the American Eagle Foundation in their crucial work to protect vulture populations worldwide.

In addition to her conservation work, Maya has also collaborated with brands like NAU Drinks as an Instagram model, showcasing her versatility and influence beyond the realm of wildlife advocacy.

Maya Higa Hobbies and Favourites

Maya Higa Hobbies and Favourites

When Maya isn’t busy entertaining her online audience, she finds joy in spending time with her horse, as well as playing with her beloved cats and dogs.

To keep her body in shape, Maya dedicates an hour each morning to a workout routine that includes Pilates and Yoga, followed by another hour of intense fitness exercises.

Maya’s radiant skin, a valuable asset for her career, is maintained through a healthy lifestyle. She prioritizes hydration, consumes plenty of fruits and vegetables, and avoids junk food, bread, alcohol, and red meat. Additionally, she ensures her last meal of the day is before seven in the evening.

Beyond her musical talents, Maya is also skilled in playing the guitar, drawing, and boasts 10 years of experience as a ballerina. These diverse interests reflect her creative spirit and dedication to self-expression.

Maya Higa Net Worth

Maya Higa’s financial journey reflects significant success, according to extensive research by our team. Her estimated net worth falls within the impressive range of US$1 million to US$5 million. This wealth stems from Maya’s flourishing career as a model, where she’s collaborated with renowned brands both online and offline. Maya’s natural beauty and modeling skills have played a pivotal role in her financial prosperity, cementing her position as a successful professional in the industry.

Quick Facts

  • Maya Higa, born on May 24, 1998, is a multi-talented individual encompassing roles such as singer, songwriter, Twitch streamer, conservationist, falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, and social media personality.
  • As a teenager, Maya founded the Alveus Sanctuary, a non-profit exotic animal sanctuary, and virtual education center.
  • Maya stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs 105 pounds, and wears a UK shoe size 5.
  • She possesses brown eyes, long dark brown hair, and three tattoos inspired by her mother.
  • Maya previously dated Twitch streamer Matthew Rinaudo, known as Mizkif.
  • Maya actively raises awareness and support for conservation organizations such as ‘The American Eagle Foundation’ and ‘Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.’


Q. What is Maya Higa known for?

Maya Higa is celebrated for her diverse talents, spanning singing, songwriting, Twitch streaming, conservation efforts, falconry, wildlife rehabilitation, and her engaging presence on social media platforms.

Q. When did Maya found the Alveus Sanctuary?

Maya’s passion for animal welfare led her to establish the Alveus Sanctuary during her teenage years, showcasing her deep commitment to caring for and educating others about exotic animals.

Q. What are Maya’s physical attributes?

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 105 pounds, Maya possesses captivating brown eyes, long dark brown hair, and three tattoos inspired by her mother, adding a personal touch to her appearance.

Q. Who is Maya’s previous partner?

Maya’s previous relationship was with Twitch streamer Matthew Rinaudo, also known as Mizkif, reflecting a chapter in her personal life that has been part of her journey.

Q. What organizations does Maya support?

Maya actively lends her support to conservation organizations such as ‘The American Eagle Foundation’ and ‘Wildlife Warriors Worldwide,’ showcasing her dedication to preserving wildlife and their habitats.


Maya Higa’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. With talents spanning music, streaming, and a deep commitment to wildlife conservation, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Maya’s impact reaches across various domains, from her creative pursuits to her unwavering dedication to making a positive difference in the world.

Through initiatives like the Alveus Sanctuary and her support for conservation organizations, Maya demonstrates a genuine commitment to preserving our planet’s precious wildlife. Her journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to pursue their passions while making a meaningful impact on the world around them.

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