Andrew Santino Wife: Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth & Many

Andrew Santino has been in the entertainment industry for almost fifteen years, best known for his performance in “Dave.” Born in Illinois on October 16, 1986, Santino’s comedy has won him millions of followers across. Despite the comedian’s fame, his personal life, especially his wife, is intriguing. The duration and identity of Andrew’s marriages and offspring intrigue fans.

Who is Andrew Santino’s Wife?

Some have speculated that Andrew Santino’s wife is Danielle Brooks or Sarah Bolger. Andrew and the women associated with these rumors have not commented. In certain interviews, Andrew Santino has revealed that he married a longtime friend in 2015. The comedian was surprised to marry, saying his wife’s charm and sense of humor won him over. The name of Andrew Santino’s wife is unknown despite conjecture.

Danielle Brooks Biography

Despite Andrew Santino’s silence, Danielle Brooks is popularly believed to be his wife. Brooks and Santino reportedly had a tight connection that turned amorous. The pair communicated often, strengthening their relationship. A strong friendship turned into love, and their relationship lasted four years. Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks have kept their romance discreet despite the rumors.

Andrew Santino’s Wife Quick Facts

Full NameAndrew James Santino
Other NamesCheeto Santino, The Red Rocket, Slugger Santino
Date of Birth16 October 1983
Age40 years (as of January 2024)
Birth SignLibra
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, United States
EthnicityHalf-Italian and half-Irish
ReligionChristian (Catholic)
Height6 feet 1 inch (1.85 m)
Hair ColorGinger
Eye ColorLight brown
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Alma MaterNaperville North High School, Arizona State University
ProfessionStand-up comedian, actor, podcaster, producer
Years Active2006 to present

Who is Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino, born October 16, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois, began doing comedy at local pubs and events in the early 2000s. His desire to develop a successful comedic career led him to go to Los Angeles, where he is now a respected figure in the entertainment world.

Andrew Santino’s Measurements

Andrew Santino is 6 feet 1 inch tall and handsome. Brown hair, a matching mustache, and a beard enhance his appearance. His sweet grin and naive brown eyes make him charming. He is well-balanced at 68 kg. He recently got a tattoo on his neck, adding a personal touch to his outfit.

The Early Life

Andrew Santino’s wife is from Greenville, South Carolina, although little is known about her online. Her parents are deacons and pastors, and she was raised in a Christian environment. Her first performance was in a church nativity play at six. In 2011, she graduated and began acting, landing prominent roles. In “Girls,” she voiced Monica the Crossing Guard and Olive Blue.

Educational Journey of SantinoDuring his childhood in River North, Andrew Santino developed an interest in stand-up comedy at a neighboring primary school. While studying, he performed at schools and bars to explore his humorous side. After college, he started stand-up comedy, but he took a break to study at Arizona State University. Having gained confidence from his studies, Santino performed challenge shows at stand-up comedy clubs and other locations. 

Andrew Santino Family Life

Andrew Santino’s father left the family when he was young, making his childhood difficult. Despite this family tragedy, his mother raised Santino alone, influencing his formative years. The comedian’s tenacity from these early events helped him grow personally and professionally.

Andrew Santino’s Marriage

Even though Andrew Santino keeps his personal life private, admirers have speculated about his dating life. Santino married their longtime girlfriend Danielle Brooks in 2019, according to media sources. Andrew has rarely revealed his wife’s identity, but he has periodically divulged snippets of their life together.

What We Know About Andrew Santino’s Wife

The comedian has frequently discussed his marriage on his podcast, but his wife’s identity is unknown. His story goes like this: two people meet, form a great friendship, and fall in love. However, life presents obstacles. Andrew and his girlfriend did not expect marriage because their relationship started with problems. Career pressures and a lack of time to start a family complicated matters. Despite these challenges, the pair enjoyed each other’s presence and tried to resolve their differences. Despite its problems, couples therapy was a turning point in their lives.

Does Andrew Santino Have Kids with His Mystery Wife?

Children in Andrew Santino’s family are unknown. Rumors say Andrew and his unidentified spouse may have two daughters, hidden from the public eye. Despite these rumors, Andrew has not acknowledged or denied having children. He acknowledged the life-changing nature of fatherhood in a 2021 interview. The comedian has not confirmed his parenting status.

Santino’s Journey Career

Andrew Santino, an American comedian, actor, and podcaster, has a distinctive talent. He began his career in stand-up comedy, performing at clubs and festivals and becoming known for his smart observations and approachable humor. After a recurring appearance as Bill Burr’s friend on “I’m Dying Up Here,” he proved his comic, acting, and timing talents.

Based on his success, Santino started the popular podcast ‘Whisky Ginger’. He built his audience and reputation as an engaging and knowledgeable broadcaster by interviewing comedians and celebrities. He made an impact in acting with roles in “Mixology” and “Dave,” as well as voice roles in animated shows.

Santino’s unique voice and dramatic performances set him apart in entertainment. He performed several stand-up comedy specials, including “Home Field Advantage” and “Red Rocket,” where his personal stories and clever social commentary were well received. Santino became a multi-talented entertainer, creating a mark in stand-up comedy, acting, and podcasting while preserving his unique voice and accessible charm.

Is There a Wife in Andrew Santino’s Life?

The very reclusive Andrew Santino startled fans by announcing his nuptials in mid-2019 without revealing much about his partner. Danielle Brooks was identified as Andrew Santino’s wife. The announcement surprised admirers, especially those uninformed of Andrew’s committed engagement.

After a long relationship, Andrew and Danielle decided to marry. They dated before marrying, preparing the way. Andrew currently lives with Danielle Brooks and enjoys their marriage.

Rumors About Andrew Santino’s Gay Identity

Due to Andrew Santino’s comedy career, expect jokes and banter. When Andrew tweeted a photo with comedian Chris D’Elia, rumors about his sexuality spread. Since their 2018 talk, the comedians have spent time together. Please note that on April 20, 2018, rumors of Andrew and Chris’ engagement and wedding are untrue.

Andrew Santino regularly jokes about his history, including being gay as a child.

What is the relationship between Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger?

Given their attendance at gatherings and parties, the couple was rumored to be dating. At FXX’s “Dave” premiere at the Guild of America, they wore matching clothes and linked their hands around each other’s waists. However, new research revealed their relationship was different. Sarah was a friend backing Andrew Santino’s TV series in 2020, therefore romantic rumors were unfounded.

Andrew Santino’s Wife’s Privacy and Their Future Plans

Danielle Santino, wife of famous comedian Andrew Santino, avoids the spotlight. She avoids public social media and participates in a few events or interviews with her husband. Andrew values her privacy and anonymity and protects her from unwanted attention.

Andrew and Danielle are happy in their marriage and life. They enjoy traveling and spending time with friends and family. Their dogs are like children to them and are loved. Andrew freely rejects parenthood and feels no obligation to conform, despite social pressure. He is happy with his life and doesn’t feel missing anything.

Multi-Faceted Talents: Comedy, Acting, and Podcasting

Santino’s high net worth reflects his adaptability, which sets him different in the entertainment sector. He excels in several entertainment fields.

  • Comedy

His successful comic career has driven Santino’s wealth. He draws a loyal audience to his stand-up shows with his unique blend of observational humor and life commentary. Whether touring nationally or internationally, his comedic engagements boost his wealth.

  • Acting

Besides stage success, Santino has left an unmistakable mark on acting. His outstanding TV and film roles have garnered critical and popular praise. In the popular TV series “Dave,” he played ‘Drew.’ His acting skills have made him famous and rich.

  • Podcasting

In the digital age, Santino uses podcasts to his advantage. His podcast, “Whisky Ginger,” features honest chats with comedians, actors, and notable people. The podcast’s popularity has led to rich sponsorship arrangements and a large listening following, boosting his finances.

Top 10 TV Shows and Movies of Andrew Santino’s

YearName of Movie/ShowRating
2005-2013The Office9.0
2016-2022This Is Us8.7
2003-2019Arrested Development8.7
2000Curb Your Enthusiasm 8.8
2005American Dad!7.4
2009-2015The League8.3
2023Fool’s Paradise4.7

Santino’s Diverse Sources of Income

Andrew Santino’s net worth is the result of a planned mix of income streams, demonstrating his ability to maximize earnings. His financial success is not tied to one channel, demonstrating his versatility in the entertainment world.

  • Live Performances

Santino continues to bolster his net worth through vibrant live comedy performances, marked by his dynamic stage presence and relatable content. The revenue generated from sold-out show ticket sales, coupled with income from merchandise sales, plays a pivotal role in fortifying his financial portfolio.

  • Television Appearances and Film Roles

Santino is passionate about the entertainment industry’s numerous opportunities. His major appearances in TV and movies showcase his acting talent and bring him hefty wages and residuals.

Final Thoughts

Andrew Santino’s comedy shines. Beyond the fun and popularity is his private life with a woman who stays out of the spotlight. In the pandemonium of celebrities, their shared experiences and mutual respect show the strength of unity. Santino’s rise from stand-up comedian to versatile artist with a large net worth shows his brilliance, determination, and ability to adapt to the entertainment industry’s constant changes.

Social Media Accounts

Andrew Santino’s YouTube channel has around 32.24 thousand daily views and 967.18 thousand monthly views.


Andrew Santino’s Net Worth

The 2023 estimate of Andrew Santino’s net worth is $5 million. His comedic, acting, and podcasting careers have contributed to his financial success. He is a multidimensional and successful artist due to his wise financial decisions, which have increased his net worth.

Net Worth as of 2023$5 Million
Net Worth as of 2022$70,000
Yearly Earning$58.03 thousand

Danielle Brooks’s Estimated Net Worth

Andrew Santino’s wife’s estimated net worth is $1 million from her acting career. She played gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. Denise and Danielle married at Miami’s Alfred DuPont Building in January 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Andrew Santino

Q: Who married Andrew Santino?

A: Danielle Brooks is Andrew Santino’s wife. Andrew has addressed their relationship several times since their 2019 wedding, even though Danielle prefers to keep a quiet profile.

Q: When did Andrew Santino marry Danielle Brooks?

A: Andrew Santino married Danielle Brooks in 2019.

Q: Has Andrew Santino had kids?

A: Andrew Santino and Danielle Brooks may have children. There have been rumors, but Andrew has not confirmed having children.

Q: How much is Andrew Santino worth?

A: In 2023, Andrew Santino’s net worth is estimated at $5 million. 


A versatile stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster, Andrew Santino has had a remarkable career. He has connected with audiences through humor on the live stage and on many media channels as a skilled and sympathetic entertainer. Although Santino keeps his personal life private, his marriage to Danielle Brooks shows his sincerity. Santino’s vast net worth reflects his diverse revenue streams, demonstrating his lasting impact on humor and entertainment.

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