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5 feet 6 inches

Nicolle Wallace, born Nicolle Devenish on February 4, 1972, is a prominent figure in American media, renowned as both a television political commentator and a published author. Currently serving as the anchor of MSNBC’s news and politics program Deadline: White House, she also boasts a stint as a former co-host of the popular ABC daytime talk show, The View.

Before her successful media career, Wallace made significant contributions to the political arena. She notably served as the White House Communications Director during the presidency of George W. Bush and played a pivotal role in his 2004 re-election campaign.

Beyond her work in politics and journalism, Wallace has carved out a niche as an accomplished author. She has penned several contemporary political novels, including Eighteen Acres, It’s Classified, and Madam President.

Nicole Wallace Height

Nicole Wallace Height

Nicolle Wallace stands tall at 5 feet 6 inches, a height that not only reflects her physical stature but also symbolizes her commanding presence in the realm of journalism. Her height, coupled with her poised demeanor and articulate communication style, enhances her authoritative and professional image on screen. Wallace’s stature visually embodies her confidence and credibility, whether she’s delivering political analysis or engaging in insightful discussions.

Measurement TypeHeight
Feet & Inches5’6″
Centimeters168 cm

Nicole Wallace Weight

Nicolle Wallace maintains a weight of 143 pounds, a figure that harmoniously corresponds with her height of 5 feet 6 inches. This balance not only reflects her commitment to physical well-being but also complements her image as a revered media personality. With a slender yet healthy physique, Wallace exudes a sense of vitality and professionalism that resonates with viewers. Her weight, in conjunction with her stature, enhances her overall appearance, projecting an image of poise and confidence.

Measurement TypeWeight
Pounds143 lbs
Kilograms65 kg

Nicole Wallace’s Physical Appearance

Nicolle Wallace’s physical traits epitomize a polished and professional demeanor essential for her television role. With an immaculate appearance, she exudes an aura of refinement and sophistication that captivates audiences. Her poised demeanor and well-groomed presentation underscore her commitment to professionalism, making her a compelling presence on screen. Wallace’s physical attributes not only enhance her credibility as a journalist but also contribute to her ability to engage viewers effectively.

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorLight Brown

How old is Nicolle Wallace today? 

As of 2024, Nicolle Wallace is 52 years old, having been born on February 4, 1972, under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This astrological alignment highlights her endless curiosity and original thinking, qualities ideal for her roles as a journalist and author. Aquarians like Wallace are often seen as trendsetters and creative individuals who value independence and justice. These qualities likely contribute to her ability to craft impactful stories and engage audiences with thoughtful insights.

Who is Nicolle Wallace? 

Who is Nicolle Wallace? 

Nicolle Wallace is widely regarded as a highly esteemed journalist, renowned for her multifaceted roles as a television host, author, and political commentator. With a reputation built on credibility and insight, she has become a familiar presence to audiences across various media platforms. Her contributions extend beyond mere reporting; she offers thoughtful analysis and incisive commentary that enriches public discourse. Through her engaging presence and informed perspectives, Wallace continues to make a significant impact in the realm of journalism.

Biography Wiki

Nicolle Wallace, formerly Nicolle Devenish, born on February 4, 1972, is a distinguished American figure known for her multifaceted career as a political commentator, author, and prominent anchor. Currently serving as the anchor of “Deadline: White House” and the chief political analyst for MSNBC and NBC News, Wallace brings a wealth of insight and expertise to the realm of political journalism. Her influence extends beyond her anchor role, as she frequently contributes to MSNBC programs like “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” and “Morning Joe,” as well as making appearances on NBC’s “Today Show.”

Profile summary

Full NameNicolle Wallace (née Devenish)
Date of BirthFebruary 4, 1972
Age52 years (as of 2024)
Place of BirthOrange County, California, USA
Current ResidenceManhattan, New York City, USA
EthnicityMixed White (English and Greek)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height5 ft 6 in (168 cm)
Weight143 lb (65 kg)
Hair ColourLight brown
Eye ColourBrown
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMichael S. Schmidt (m. 2022)
Ex-SpouseMark Wallace (2005-2019)
FatherClive Devenish
MotherVeronica Devenish (née Zadis)
Alma MaterMiramonte High School, University of California, Berkeley, and Northwestern University

What is Nicolle Wallace’s Zodiac Sign

Nicolle Wallace, born under the sign of Aquarius on February 4, 1972, embodies the characteristic traits associated with this zodiac sign. Aquarians are renowned for their insatiable curiosity, making them naturally inclined toward professions that require exploration and creativity, such as authorship. They are often pioneers, setting trends and pushing boundaries with their innovative ideas. As deeply independent individuals, Aquarians resist conformity and are unswayed by external opinions, preferring to forge their unique paths.

Nicolle Wallace’s Nationality and Ethnicity

Nicolle Wallace, an accomplished American author of fiction and non-fiction works, also holds roles as a television correspondent and political analyst. Her nationality and ethnicity, both American, contribute to her prominence as a media figure in the United States. Wallace’s success stems not only from her professional expertise but also from her unique background as an African American woman. This diversity of perspective allows her to connect with audiences from different walks of life while remaining relatable and authentic.

Early life

Early life

Nicolle Devenish was born on February 4, 1972, in Orange County, California, to Veronica and Clive Devenish. Raised alongside her three younger siblings, Zachary, Courtney, and Ashley, she spent her formative years in Orinda, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her upbringing was enriched by her mother’s role as a teacher’s assistant in public schools and her father’s occupation as an antiques dealer. Nicolle’s familial ties also extend to her grandfather, Thomas Devenish, a respected Manhattan antique dealer who immigrated to the United States from England with his family in 1947. Additionally, Nicolle takes pride in her Greek heritage. She furthered her academic journey by obtaining a master’s degree from the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism in 1996.

Educational background 

There, she dedicated herself to studying Mass Communications, eventually earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1994. It was at Northwestern where she pursued her master’s degree, completing her studies and graduating in 1996. Through her academic endeavors, Nicolle laid a solid foundation for her future career as both an author and television host.

Family Background 

Nicolle Wallace entered the world as the eldest among four siblings, alongside her brothers Zachary, and sisters Courtney and Ashley. Her family background was marked by diverse professions and a rich cultural heritage. Her mother, Veronica Devenish, contributed to the education sector as a teacher’s assistant in public schools, while her father, Clive Devenish, pursued the trade of antiques, a passion passed down from Nicolle’s grandfather. Her grandfather’s journey from England to the United States in 1947 added another layer to their family narrative, enriching it with a blend of English and Greek ancestry.

Is Nicolle Wallace married?

Yes, Nicolle Wallace is currently married to Michael S. Schmidt, who is renowned as an American journalist, author, and correspondent for The New York Times. Notably, Wallace was observed wearing a wedding band shortly after the intimate event. Before her union with Schmidt, Wallace was married to Mark Wallace, an attorney, former diplomat, and businessman. Their marriage, which commenced in 2005, concluded in divorce in 2019. Throughout their relationship, the Wallaces openly advocated for same-sex marriages, drawing media interest to their stance on the matter.

Nicolle Wallace’s Husband: Is Nicolle Wallace Married?

Nicolle Wallace’s Husband: Is Nicolle Wallace Married?

Nicolle Wallace’s marital history includes marriage to Mark Wallace from 2005 until 2019. Following the end of that union, reports indicate that she entered into matrimony with Michael S. Schmidt. Their relationship blossomed, leading to marriage, although specific details about their wedding are relatively private.

Nicolle Wallace’s Children

Nicolle Wallace’s Children

Nicolle Wallace is a mother to a son named Liam Wallace, whom she shares with her former husband.



After completing her education, Nicolle Wallace embarked on her career journey, initially as an on-air reporter in California. In 2000, Wallace assumed the role of communications director for the Florida State Technology Office. Bush’s first term.

 Notably, she also held the position of communications director during Bush’s 2004 presidential campaign. In early 2005, Wallace was appointed White House Communications Director by President Bush. During the 2008 election cycle, Wallace served as a senior advisor for John McCain’s presidential campaign.

Political career

Beginning her professional journey as an on-air reporter in California, Nicolle Wallace swiftly transitioned into the realm of politics, initially delving into California state politics under the guidance of Republican Leader Assemblyman Scott Baugh. This experience paved the way for her pivotal role as Governor Jeb Bush’s press secretary upon her move to Florida in 1999. By 2000, Wallace had assumed the position of Communications Director for the Florida State Technology Office, a role that positioned her at the forefront of the state’s political landscape.

White House and Bush 2004 presidential campaign

During George W. Bush’s initial term, Wallace commenced her tenure at the White House, assuming the role of special assistant to the President and director of media affairs. In this capacity, she orchestrated regional press strategies and outreach efforts, showcasing her adeptness in navigating the intricate landscape of political communication. In 2003, Wallace transitioned seamlessly into Bush’s 2004 presidential campaign, taking on the pivotal role of communications director.

 On January 5, 2005, Wallace’s career trajectory soared as she was appointed White House Communications Director by President Bush, with a mandate to foster transparency and thaw the frosty relations between the administration and the press corps.

McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign

As a senior advisor for John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, Wallace assumed a prominent role as the campaign’s spokesperson and defender, frequently appearing on various network and cable news programs. However, tensions within the campaign surfaced in late October 2008 when criticism was directed towards vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. A notable incident involved an unnamed McCain aide characterizing Palin as having “gone rogue,” sparking discord within the McCain-Palin ticket. Wallace, while acknowledging the film’s credibility in capturing the campaign’s essence, admitted feeling uncomfortable with its portrayal of events.

Other work

White House novel series

Nicolle Wallace has made significant contributions to the literary world with her political novels. In 2010, she penned “Eighteen Acres,” a fictional tale centered around three formidable women in positions of power: the first female U.S. president, her chief of staff, and a White House correspondent. 

The title itself, “Eighteen Acres,” alludes to the land area of the White House complex, adding a symbolic layer to the narrative. Wallace aimed to offer readers a glimpse into the inner workings of the White House through this imaginative story, hoping to entertain while providing insights into the complexities of high-level politics. Critics lauded Wallace’s efforts, with Patrick Anderson of The Washington Post praising the novel as one of the best depictions of life in the White House. Similarly, Craig Wilson of USA Today commended Wallace’s authenticity in portraying political dynamics, while Ashley Parker of The New York Times described the book as an engaging read. Building on the success of “Eighteen Acres,” Wallace released its sequel, “It’s Classified,” in September 2011.

Television career 

In September 2014, ABC unveiled their newest addition to “The View”: Nicolle Wallace, the esteemed author. Joining Rosie Perez, Wallace debuted on the show’s 18th season, bringing her unique perspective to the panel. However, her tenure on the show was short-lived, as she bid farewell at the season’s end. Transitioning from daytime television, Wallace embarked on a new chapter in her career as a political analyst for NBC News and MSNBC. In this role, she became a familiar face on various programs, offering her insights and expertise on political matters.


Renowned for her literary prowess, the journalist stands among America’s most celebrated authors. Her literary journey began in 2010 with the release of “Eighteen Acres,” a captivating fictional narrative that delves into the lives of three extraordinary women at the pinnacle of their professions. The following year saw the publication of its sequel, “It’s Classified,” which intricately explores the challenges faced by a presidential campaign grappling with the complexities of a mentally ill vice presidential candidate. Building on her success, she unveiled her third novel, “Madam President,” in 2015, further solidifying her reputation as a master storyteller. With each publication, she continues to captivate readers with her insightful portrayals of power, ambition, and the human experience.

Where is Nicolle Wallace today? 

Continuing her impactful presence in the media landscape, the journalist remains an integral part of MSNBC’s esteemed lineup. However, she is presently on a maternity break, having joyously welcomed a daughter into her family in November 2023.

Sarah Paulson depicted her character in the 2012 film Game Change, capturing Wallace’s compelling presence during the tumultuous 2008 presidential campaign. In reflecting on that election, Wallace revealed she refrained from voting due to reservations about Sarah Palin, underscoring her commitment to thoughtful consideration over partisan loyalty. In a candid moment in March 2021, she described herself as a “self-loathing former Republican,” a statement emblematic of her evolving political perspective. As a diligent television host, Wallace has captivated audiences with her boldness and expressiveness, particularly in her role as the host of Deadline: White House on MSNBC.

What is Nicole Wallace’s Net Worth?

What is Nicole Wallace’s Net Worth?

Wallace’s net worth stands as a testament to her accomplished and impactful journey in the realms of journalism and television hosting. It reflects the culmination of her dedication, expertise, and contributions to the media industry over the years. Through her insightful commentary, compelling storytelling, and engaging hosting style, Wallace has cemented her position as a respected figure in broadcast journalism. Her ability to navigate complex political landscapes with integrity and authenticity has earned her a loyal audience and garnered widespread recognition.

YearNet Worth
2019$1 Million
2020$2 Million
2021$3 Million
2022$4 Million
2023$4.5 Million
2024$5 Million


Q: Is Nicolle Wallace married?

A: Yes, Nicolle Wallace is married to Michael S. Schmidt, an American journalist, author, and correspondent for The New York Times. They tied the knot in April 2022.

Q: How many children does Nicolle Wallace have?

A: Nicolle Wallace has one child, a son named Liam Wallace.

Q: What are Nicolle Wallace’s height and weight?

A: Nicolle Wallace stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) and weighs approximately 143 pounds (65 kg).

Q: What is Nicolle Wallace’s net worth?

A: As of 2024, Nicolle Wallace’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Q: What is Nicolle Wallace’s career background?

A: Nicolle Wallace has a diverse career background. She served as the White House Communications Director during the presidency of George W. Bush and was a senior advisor for John McCain’s presidential campaign.


Nicolle Wallace stands as a prominent figure in American journalism, celebrated for her multifaceted roles as a journalist, author, and television personality. As the anchor of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House” and a seasoned political analyst across various programs, she has garnered widespread recognition for her insightful commentary and engaging presence. Wallace’s illustrious career, bridging both politics and media, reflects her enduring influence and respected status within the industry, making her a pivotal voice in shaping contemporary discourse.

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