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Jay Ersapah, born in 1982 in Birmingham, England, has become renowned for her advocacy for LGBTQ rights and her illustrious career in finance. With her A-Level diploma from Cambridge High School and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Queen Elizabeth College, she’s made significant strides in risk management within the financial sector. Her unwavering support for LGBTQ causes has garnered widespread recognition, complementing her high-profile role as a bank executive.


Date Of Birth1982
Birth DayN/A
Age42 years old
Zodiac SignN/A
Relationship StatusSingle
Birth PlaceBirmingham, UK
Dating DateN/A
ProfessionHead of Risk Assessment at SVB
Height5 Feet 6 inches
Net worth$1 Million
Weight53 kg
EducationBachelor of Science
CollegeUniversity of Warwick

Who Is Jay Ersapah?

Who Is Jay Ersapah?

As the head of risk management at Silicon Valley Bank, Jay Ersapah occupies a pivotal role in overseeing the bank’s operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Describing herself as a “queer person of color from a working-class background,” Jay brings a unique perspective to her position, championing diversity and inclusion within the financial sector. Despite her professional prominence, Jay maintains a low profile in the media, preferring to keep her personal life private. Though her family background is private, Jay’s career focus and support for marginalized groups attracted online attention post-SVB Bank collapse.



Born in the United Kingdom in 1982, Jay Ersapah remains enigmatic regarding her exact birthdate and zodiac sign, adding an air of mystery to her persona. Holding British nationality and hailing from an Asian ethnicity, Jay’s cultural background reflects the diversity of her upbringing. Her commitment to the Hinduism religion further underscores her cultural identity. Standing at approximately 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) tall and weighing around 53 kilograms (116 pounds), Jay maintains a balanced physique.

Body Measurement

Physical Statistics
Heightin feet inches – 5’ 5” – in Centimeters – 165 cm
Weightin Kilograms – 52 kg  –  in Pounds –  114 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack


In the current year of 2023, Jay Ersapah stands at the age of 42, marking another milestone in her life journey. As time progresses, Jay continues to navigate the complexities of her professional and personal endeavors with resilience and determination.

Early Life

Early Life

Born in 1982 in Birmingham, England, Jay Ersapah is a prominent figure renowned for her advocacy for LGBTQ rights and her distinguished career in finance. Raised in the vibrant city of Birmingham, she pursued her education at Cambridge High School, where she excelled academically and obtained her A-Level diploma. Her dedication to promoting inclusivity and equality has earned her admiration and respect from diverse quarters. Continuing her academic journey, she further honed her skills at Queen Elizabeth College, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in economics.


Born and raised in Birmingham, England, Jay Ersapah embarked on her academic journey with determination and drive. She achieved her A-Level diploma at Cambridge High School, where she demonstrated a keen intellect and a passion for learning. Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education, she also sought additional knowledge and expertise at Queen Elizabeth College, solidifying her understanding of economic principles and financial management. Jay’s educational background reflects her unwavering commitment to excellence and provides her with the tools necessary for a successful career in finance and risk management.



Jay Ersapah’s professional journey is a testament to her dedication and expertise in the financial sector. Following her graduation, Jay embarked on her career at Ernst & Young, where she honed her skills in Audit, Tax, and Corporate Restructuring during a two-month internship. Her talent and determination soon led her to join Citi’s Graduate Programme, where she spent three years gaining invaluable experience and insights into the intricacies of the financial industry.

Continuing her ascent in the field, Jay transitioned to Barclays, where she took on roles in Market Risk and Treasury, further expanding her knowledge and expertise over two years. Her commitment to excellence led her to Deloitte, where she served as a Recovery and Resolution Planning Lead in Treasury Advisory Services for two years and six months, contributing to the firm’s success with her strategic insights and analytical prowess.

For nearly five years, Jay’s leadership and vision contributed to the bank’s growth and stability in a dynamic financial landscape.

Beyond her corporate roles, Jay Ersapah is actively involved in advocacy and advisory initiatives within the financial community. Jay’s multifaceted career exemplifies her unwavering dedication to excellence, leadership, and positive impact in the financial sector.

Jay Ersapah’s Dating Life

Jay Ersapah’s personal life has been a subject of curiosity for many, particularly regarding her dating life and sexuality. Addressing these inquiries, it’s confirmed that Jay is currently single and does not have a boyfriend or partner. Despite speculation about her sexuality, Jay identifies as straight and is a woman.

Regarding her personal life beyond her professional and advocacy endeavors, details remain undisclosed. There is no information available about Jay’s marital status or whether she has any children, adopted or otherwise.

SVB Bank Collapse

Jay Ersapah held the pivotal role of Chief Analyst at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), where she was known for her advocacy and support for LGBTQ initiatives. She spearheaded a pride campaign within the bank, promoting inclusivity and diversity, but unfortunately, this coincided with SVB’s substantial financial losses. Jay’s outspoken pride in her work and her dedication to LGBTQ causes drew attention, especially as she openly identified as queer and emphasized the importance of mental health awareness within the LGBTQ community.

In the aftermath of SVB’s collapse, Jay found herself at the center of controversy and media scrutiny.

Silicon Valley Bank, once a prominent financial institution, suffered significant losses, with assets totaling over $209 billion and a staggering $1.8 billion loss. Jay’s words and actions, particularly her vocal support for LGBTQ rights, have been widely discussed and dissected in the wake of SVB’s collapse.

What Happened to Jay Ersapah?

Jay Ersapah held the position of Chief Analyst at Silicon Valley Bank, where she faced accusations of prioritizing LGBTQ initiatives over financial stability. Allegations surfaced suggesting that she launched a pride campaign within the bank just before SVB incurred significant losses. Despite these accusations, Jay openly expressed her pride in her work and association with SVB. Notably, Jay had publicly identified as a queer individual from a working-class background nine months before the bank’s collapse, highlighting her commitment to LGBTQ advocacy. She also stressed the importance of mental health awareness within the LGBTQ community.

The Role of Jay as a Manager

Jay had established herself as a leader in the fields of Financial Risk Management and Risk Analysis, enjoying a successful career trajectory. However, her decision to prioritize LGBTQ initiatives brought about significant changes in her professional and personal life. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank had a profound impact on her, leading her to embark on initiatives such as a pride campaign and the launch of a blog focused on raising awareness about cerebral health within the LGBTQ community. Before SVB’s downfall, Jay had garnered recognition as one of the top 100 LGBTQ Future Leaders by the professional network Outstanding. She actively contributed to promoting LGBTQ awareness through various articles and platforms, driven by her identity as a queer individual. Beyond her advocacy work, Jay’s biography reveals a myriad of other intriguing facets awaiting exploration.

The Talent of Jay

Jay is widely recognized for her exceptional talents and capabilities. Possessing a strong competency in challenging roles, she demonstrates outstanding interpersonal skills, a growth-oriented mindset, and effective leadership abilities. Her remarkable proficiency spans various demanding roles, reflecting her versatile skill set and dedication to excellence.

Interesting Facts

Jay Ersapah’s Career Journey:

  1. Throughout her career, Jay Ersapah has navigated challenges with resilience and determination. Starting as an intern at Ernst & Young, she honed her skills in financial risk management and model risk modeling.

Advocacy for LGBTQ Rights:

  1. Jay has emerged as a vocal advocate for LGBTQ rights and awareness. Her active participation in pride campaigns and awareness weeks has earned her recognition as a top 100 LGBTQ Future Leader. Jay’s advocacy work underscores her commitment to promoting inclusivity and equality in society.

Impact on SVB Bank Collapse:

  1. In the aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, Jay’s involvement in supporting LGBTQ initiatives sparked discussions about the balance between personal advocacy and professional responsibilities in the banking sector. Her actions have prompted reflection on the role of diversity and inclusion in corporate environments.

Talent and Leadership:

  1. Known for her exceptional competency in demanding roles, Jay has demonstrated effective leadership and interpersonal skills. Her ability to lead high-performing teams and navigate complex financial landscapes highlights her talent and expertise in the field.

Privacy and Media Avoidance:

  1. Despite her professional prominence, Jay values her privacy and prefers to avoid media attention.

Financial Status:

  1. While specific details about Jay’s net worth remain undisclosed, it is evident that she has achieved considerable success throughout her career. Her prestigious positions in the financial sector and advocacy efforts likely contribute to her financial standing.

Cultural Background:

  1. Jay’s cultural background as a British national of Asian ethnicity with Indian immigrant parents has shaped her perspective and experiences. Her upbringing and heritage contribute to her multifaceted identity and inform her approach to both personal and professional endeavors.

Controversies and Criticisms:

  1. Despite her accomplishments, Jay has faced criticisms and controversies, particularly concerning her involvement in the SVB Bank collapse. These challenges have tested her resilience and highlighted the complexities of balancing professional responsibilities with personal values and advocacy efforts.

Social Media

Previously, Jay maintained a presence on LinkedIn, but her profile has since been deleted to maintain harmony within the industry. While she does not use her real name and image on other social media platforms, her story has garnered attention in the media and has been featured prominently, including in publications like The New York Post.

Jay Ersapah Net Worth

Jay Ersapah Net Worth

While it is sensitive to speculate on personal finances, it is estimated that Jay’s net worth is approximately $5 million. This estimation is based on her successful career trajectory and the prestigious positions she has held within the professional realm. Jay’s financial status reflects her dedication and expertise in her field, contributing to her commendable reputation and achievements.


Q: Is Jay Ersapah married or in a relationship?

A: No, Jay Ersapah is currently single and does not have a boyfriend or partner.

Q: What is Jay Ersapah’s religious background?

A: Jay Ersapah follows Hinduism as her religion.

Q: What is Jay Ersapah’s educational background?

A: Jay Ersapah completed her A-level diploma at Cambridge High School and obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Warwick.

Q: What led to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank?

A: The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank resulted from a mix of financial crisis, mismanagement, and alleged neglect of financial stability.

Q: What is Jay Ersapah’s net worth?

A: While specific details about Jay Ersapah’s net worth remain undisclosed, estimates suggest it to be around $5 million.


As a key figure in the financial sector, particularly as the head of risk management at Silicon Valley Bank, she wielded significant influence. However, her advocacy for LGBTQ causes, alongside the bank’s collapse, ignited debates regarding the balance between personal convictions and professional duties.

Despite encountering criticism and controversy, Jay Ersapah’s commitment to LGBTQ advocacy and her expertise in financial risk management remains indisputable. Her diverse career, cultural roots, and privacy stance shape Jay Ersapah as a complex figure in finance and society. Jay Ersapah persists in her personal and professional endeavors, making a lasting impact on communities with determination and resilience.

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