Matt Walsh’s Wife: Alissa Ann Walsh Biography: Age, Wikipedia, Husband, Child, Parents, Net Worth, & Many More

American right-wing activist, novelist, podcaster, and columnist Matt Walsh was born June 18, 1986. Walsh, the host of The Matt Walsh Show podcast and a conservative Daily Wire contributor, is known for his outspoken political opinions. Since 2010, he has hosted talk radio in Delaware and Kentucky, where he created his website in 2012. After WLAP in Kentucky terminated his show in December 2013, Walsh joined Blaze Media in 2014 and became a significant player at The Daily Wire in 2017.

He has vigorously opposed transgender healthcare groups, especially for children. He published Johnny the Walrus, a children’s book, in 2022, comparing transgenderness to walrus. 

Walsh has also protested hospitals, comparing transsexual care to child sexual assault, genital mutilation, and rape. Matt Walsh is contentious in political and social conversations due to his strong opinions and unapologetic manner. 

Who is Matt Walsh’s Wife?

Mrs. Alissa Walsh is the wife of political journalist, author, and public speaker Matt Walsh. Residents in Nashville, Tennessee, the pair has been married for around a decade. Alissa, an American, has solidly supported her husband’s controversial yet influential political efforts.

Beyond being Matt Walsh’s wife, Alissa is known for supporting her husband’s work. She has supported you for over ten years, indicating a durable relationship.

In public, Alissa is praised for standing with Matt and reaffirming their family values. They have managed Matt’s work obstacles and successes to create a peaceful and supportive home in Nashville. Alissa’s presence in Matt Walsh’s life represents a loving companionship and a productive relationship that transcends beyond personal life into political commentary and activity.

Matt Walsh’s Biography

Born in the US on June 18, 1986, Matt Walsh will be 36 in 2022. Walsh is famous for his Catholicism as well as his political commentary, writing, and podcasting. He frequently discusses Catholicism in his papers, lectures, and podcasts. Matt Walsh openly discusses his religious convictions in his books and public appearances, helping readers comprehend how faith and contemporary issues relate.

Matt Walsh’s Quick Facts

NameMatt Walsh
BornJune 18, 1986
Age37 years old (2023)
OccupationsPolitical commentator, media host, columnist, author
SpouseAlissa Ann Linnemann (m. 2011)
Net Worth$7 million

Alissa Ann Linnemann Age

Alissa Walsh, wife of political journalist Matt Walsh, was born in Whites Creek, Tennessee, about 1987. Growing up with her sister, she celebrates her birthday on May 29th. Alissa, 36 in 2023, has been married to Matt Walsh for nearly a decade. As she supports her husband throughout his public profession, their marriage has remained supportive.

What is Alissa Walsh’s Height & Weight?

Alissa Walsh is 1.83 meters tall. Her weight ranges from 75 to 80 kg or 175 lbs.

Who is Matt Walsh?

Matt Walsh, a conservative political personality in America, is well-known. Walsh, a prolific writer, explores various issues with his political thoughts. He hosts radio broadcasts and podcasts, including “The Matt Walsh Show” J.K. Rowling and Elon Musk back Walsh, a conservative with a large following. 

How Old is Matt Walsh?

Matt Walsh, 37, is a popular media personality born June 18, 1986. He gained recognition in 2018 by hosting “The Matt Walsh Show” on YouTube, covering a variety of themes. Walsh faced YouTube issues in 2023 for discussing transgender people. Thus, he strategically moved his show to The Daily Wire website.

Alissa Ann Linnemann Early Life & Education

Born in the 1980s, Alissa Ann Walsh (previously Linnemann) keeps her childhood and schooling private. Few details regarding her upbringing and family history hinder our comprehension of her childhood. Despite her link to political analyst Matt Walsh, Alissa’s pre-public life is unknown. 

Know About Alissa Walsh‘s Parents, Siblings, Family

Although Alissa Ann Walsh’s parents are unknown, she has a sister. She decorated cakes for her sister’s December 27 birthday, according to sources. Alissa was raised in the US by her parents and sister. Alissa values family, including her sister, despite the lack of details.

Alissa Walsh’s Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion

Born Alissa Ann Linnemann, she is Caucasian and has always been an American. Her religious background is uncertain, however, she looks to be Christian. Alissa shares her husband’s conservatism.

Matt Walsh’s Relationship and Wife

Matt Walsh and Alissa Ann Linnemann met on eHarmony, starting their romance. Since their 2012 wedding, their marriage has endured. Now, Alissa Walsh, Alissa supports Matt in public defense and on social media. Beyond being a loving spouse, Alissa blogs at “DIY Mom of Twins,” where she shares innovative ideas, budget-friendly recommendations, amusing anecdotes, and biblical implications.

Though they keep certain aspects of their relationship private, the couple does from time to time provide insights into their lives on social media. For instance, Alissa recently tweeted that she wasn’t sure how to get rid of a walrus, which led to rumors among followers. The context of this tweet is yet unknown, though. Although Matt and Alissa occasionally provide glimpses into their private lives, they are largely recognized for keeping their family matters out of the spotlight. 

How Did Alissa Walsh Become Matt Walsh’s Wife?

EHarmony sparked Alissa and Matt Walsh’s fortuitous relationship. As they got to know each other, their relationship grew from acquaintances to lovers. Their relationship progressed till they decided to get engaged.

A severe storm on their October 29, 2011 wedding day brought a fresh chapter to their marriage. At her wedding, Alissa Walsh was about 24. Despite the unexpected weather, they have survived over a decade of marriage. 


Matt and Alissa Walsh are delighted parents of six children, displaying their perseverance and joy. Alissa openly revealed seven miscarriages before their youngest child, despite the blessings.

The birth of their first son in 2013 started their family. After a daughter in 2014, the first twins, a boy and a girl, arrived in 2015. In 2018, the family welcomed their second set of twins, both males, adding to their delight. 

Matt Walsh Career

Matt Walsh’s media and conservative pundit career has been fascinating. Beginning his radio career in 2010, he co-hosted “The Matt and Crank Program” in Delaware, discussing his future goals. With “The Matt Walsh Blog,” Walsh expressed his conservative views online after moving to Kentucky.

After his radio show was canceled in 2013, Walsh’s profession shifted to writing. He joined conservative media outlet Blaze Media in 2014, marking a new chapter in his career.

Tucker Carlson Tonight and The Joe Rogan Experience helped establish his multimedia presence as a conservative voice. Matt Walsh has built a diverse career on multiple platforms, contributing to conservative media conversation.

Commentary and Views

Matt Walsh is known for his conservative views on politics, religion, and culture. Walsh, a staunch opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage, believes that traditional family values are essential to society. Beyond supporting conservative social values, Walsh has become a vocal opponent of leftist ideas like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, which he believes could harm the American economy and way of life.

Walsh has passionately supported religious freedom as a cornerstone of American principles in addition to politics. 


Besides commentating, Walsh has written several influential books on politics and culture. His 2017 debut, “The Unholy Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender,” makes a strong case that the progressive movement threatens traditional Christian values. In “Church of Cowards: A Wake-Up Call to Complacent Christians,” Walsh argues that many Christians have complacently abandoned their faith in the face of social pressures. 

Other Work

Beyond commentating and writing, Matt Walsh has pursued other interests. He speaks about important themes at conferences and gatherings nationwide. Walsh is a popular conservative talk show and news show guest, giving his views on broad-based topics. He writes for conservative publications including The Daily Caller and The Blaze, confirming his role as a diverse conservative thinker and media commentator. 

Matt Walsh’s Controversies

Matt Walsh has been entangled in many scandals due to his hardline social views. Walsh was criticized in November 2022 for claiming that “maybe millions of kids” have been given puberty blockers on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. This claim sparked extensive criticism, accusing him of spreading misinformation and targeting transgender youngsters. 

Walsh’s April 2023 University of Iowa speech sparked criticism. LGBTQ+ activists argued that Walsh’s beliefs promoted transgender hate speech. Walsh’s fans protested the event in favor of his conservative views, prompting a conflict with the university’s LGBTQ+ student club. These examples show Walsh’s polarizing beliefs and the public conversations they spark.

Matt Walsh’s Twitter account was hacked

Matt Walsh’s Twitter account was hacked by “M1n3r.” on April 17, 2023. Walsh was hacked and released several tweets, including, “I’ve been disguising my sexuality for years. I’m sick of becoming someone else.” Walsh’s alleged coming out was widely speculated when the tweet went viral.

Walsh quickly denied the tweet’s authenticity on Twitter, saying: “I was hacked.

The event was more of a nuisance than a lasting problem because Walsh quickly recovered control of his Twitter account and erased the hacker’s posts. However, this episode highlights the fragility of social media accounts and the need for users to take strong security steps to protect their online presence.

What is Matt Walsh Known For?

Matt Walsh is a conservative icon known for his outspoken conservatism and aggressive stances on sensitive matters. A large social media following and a successful podcast support his influence. Walsh’s four notable writings cover abortion, marriage, and gender roles.

Walsh shares personal thoughts on parenthood and family outside of politics. He joked in 2018 that “Parenting is mostly just a series of negotiations with tiny terrorists who are very bad at negotiating.” 

What Does Alissa Walsh Do for Her Living?

Born in 1987, Alissa Walsh married soon after graduation. Initially, she worked part-time in retail while running “DIY Mom of Twins.” While raising her six children, she became a full-time homemaker due to different causes. 

Recent reports suggest Alissa may change careers after years as a homemaker. She may enter the real estate market, marking a new phase in her career. Her Instagram and Twitter followers speculate on her real estate profession. The story shows Alissa Walsh considering returning to work while being a mother.


Matt Walsh’s politics are conservative and right-wing, sometimes far-right. He is known for his controversial comments, which some media sources call trolling. In response to opponents who insulted him, Walsh calls himself a “theocratic fascist” in his Twitter biography, ironically.

Walsh takes different positions on subjects. He contended that Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial during the Kenosha uprising was malicious prosecution, sparking debate. He has supported abortion restrictions and a ban on pornography, but Ars Technica called his tweets about ozone depletion and acid rain “willfully ignoring some very well-documented history.”

Walsh appeared on The Daily Wire to criticize Halle Bailey’s casting in The Little Mermaid (2023) and dispute the scientific viability of a deep-sea mermaid with a darker complexion. 

In one of his videos, Walsh joked that anime was “satanic” without any evidence, demonstrating his sense of humor. He has also called multiculturalism a “failed experiment,” without evidence. Walsh continues to spark public conversations with his eclectic and often divisive views. 

LGBT issues

Matt Walsh strongly opposes transgender rights and transgender identification. A Gallup poll in February 2021 found a significant increase in LGBT people, especially Generation Z. Walsh blamed “the media, Hollywood, and the school system,” accusing them of recruiting children into the LGBT community. Several PinkNews pundits disagreed, citing issues including younger people’s reduced societal stigmas.

During the February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Walsh controversially accused President Joe Biden of feminizing the military.

Walsh and other right-wing personalities have been connected to an increase in anti-LGBT violence and sentiment in the US by critics including New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg. After the November 2022 Club Q massacre, the Southern Poverty Law Center called Walsh a “peddler of fear and disinformation about LGBTQ people”. Walsh had previously compared opposing all-age drag events to fighting cancer. After the shooting, he fiercely defended his words, accusing detractors of forcing “castration and sexualization of children.”

Walsh controversially supported Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill in April 2023, calling for life sentences for gay and bisexual people. He called LGBTQ rights in Africa neocolonialism and said bill opponents ignored Uganda’s freedom to rule and choose its culture. Walsh’s LGBTQ views continue to spark debate and criticism for their apparent impact on public opinion.

Transgender issues

Matt Walsh has constantly opposed transgender people and “gender ideology.” Walsh has been criticized for being anti-trans and transphobic in his children’s book “Johnny the Walrus,” his documentary, and hospital and school initiatives. His 2022 New Republic article called him “Transphobe of the Year,” accusing him of denigrating medical professionals and spreading LGBTQ “grooming” and pedophilia conspiracy theories. 

Walsh has been criticized for calling transgender people a “delusion” and “mental illness.” He claims that transgender persons are trying to rebuild humanity and cannot support trans ideology. He believes that biological sex defines gender and views the fight against gender ideology as Western civilization’s last stand.

His inflammatory rhetoric includes comparing hormone therapies and gender reassignment surgery for transgender youngsters to molestation and rape. Walsh has called transgender youth gender-reassignment surgeons “Nazi scientist-evil,” “pedophiles,” and Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Walsh has used confrontational tactics, such as renting an apartment for a day in 2021 to speak out against the Loudoun County School Board’s transgender restroom use policy. In his fiery statement, he accused the board of child abuse and indoctrination.

Due to his transgender-hateful rants, Twitter suspended Walsh’s account for 12 hours in January 2022. He encouraged followers to misgender transgender people in October 2022, celebrating “the liberation of Twitter” after Elon Musk’s takeover, stating it would enable stronger efforts against the “trans agenda.”

Walsh claimed on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast in November 2022 that “maybe millions of kids” had been put on puberty blockers, but Jamie Vernon, the show’s producer, corrected him. This interaction showed Walsh’s penchant for making broad generalizations without evidence, adding to his transgender controversy. 

Campaign against Eli Erlick

Based on a deleted Instagram post, Matt Walsh called transgender activist Eli Erlick a “confessed drug dealer” in August 2022. Erlick advised giving extra testosterone, estradiol, and spironolactone prescriptions to transgender adolescents in states restricting transgender healthcare in the essay. Erlick was a Ph.D. student at UC Santa Cruz when Walsh reported him. Walsh posted university leaders’ contact details after becoming dissatisfied with the university’s response time. He threatened to involve the Board of Trustees, benefactors, and a campus protest if the university did not respond quickly. 

In response, the University of California, Santa Cruz reaffirmed its support for transgender people and pledged to investigate harassment accusations. Conservative commenters also reported Erlick to the DEA. Erlick claimed no investigation had taken place.

After Walsh’s charges, Erlick received anti-LGBT slurs and threats of physical violence on social media. 

Erlick accused Walsh of exploiting transgender moral panic, infringing on free speech, and participating in stochastic terrorism—mass media provocation of violence with plausible deniability. Walsh denied stochastic terrorism. Sharing public contact information was not harassment, he claimed. This incident showed how controversial and hostile transgender conversations are in public and on social media. 

Campaigns against hospitals providing transgender healthcare

Matt Walsh launched a fierce campaign against transgender youth healthcare in 2022. Boston Children’s Hospital, criticized by Walsh and other right-wing politicians, reported harassment, death threats, and a phony bomb threat in August 2022, leading to a woman’s arrest in September.

Walsh then focused on Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and its Nashville transgender clinic. Walsh said on his show that VUMC doctors castrated drugged and mutilated youngsters. 

A lot of people were against VUMC. It was reported that employees had been harassed and threatened, and there had even been calls for violence on far-right websites like Reddit and 4chan. Vanderbilt responded by removing its webpage regarding the clinic, claiming that Walsh had given false information about the services rendered. VUMC began a comprehensive evaluation of its procedures on October 7, 2022, when it put a temporary halt on gender-affirming surgery for children. Remarkably, the clinic has been doing these surgeries on average every year since 2018, all on children over 16 with parental permission and none involving genital surgery.

Matt Walsh’s resistance escalated even further when he spoke on October 21, 2022, during a demonstration in Nashville called “The Rally to End Child Mutilation,” which was arranged by The Daily Wire. 


Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota was criticized by Matt Walsh for allowing businesses to require COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees. Walsh said that Noem’s physical attractiveness was the only reason she was given as a front-runner for the 2024 US presidential election. Governor Noem called Walsh’s remark “misogynistic,” but Walsh did not apologize. Saying something akin to defiance, Walsh said he would “accept apologies from all of the performative idiots pretending to be offended by it.”

In a different instance, four years after Hurricane Maria, in 2021, U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted pictures of her grandmother’s unrepaired Puerto Rican home and blamed former President Donald Trump for the island’s lack of progress in recovery.

Matt Walsh’s Net Worth

His money has been amassed via a diverse media career that includes work as a radio broadcaster, author, and producer of his podcast, “The Matt Walsh Show.” In addition to his media endeavors, Walsh’s conservative views have been crucial in gaining broad acceptance and backing from particular people and groups, which has added to his financial success. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is the wife of Matt Walsh?

A: Alissa Ann Linnemann, better known as Alissa Walsh, is the spouse of Matt Walsh. They have six children together and have been married for around ten years.

Q: How did Alissa and Matt Walsh get together?

A: Alissa and Matt Walsh connected via the dating app eHarmony. Through the app, they initiated their relationship, which progressed to dating, engagement, and ultimately marriage in 2011.

Q: What history does Alissa Walsh have?

A: There is not much known about 1980s-born Alissa Ann Linnemann’s upbringing and education. Her parents reared her in the United States, and she has a sibling.


Right-wing activist, author, and podcaster Matt Walsh is lauded and criticized for his conservative views. Walsh is reported to be worth $7 million from his radio and book careers. His scandals and outspoken views on social and political topics have made him famous. Walsh’s marriage to Alissa Walsh and their six children add a personal touch to his public character. Walsh remains influential in conservative circles as he navigates media, politics, and controversy. 

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