Why Top Brands Rely on React for Web Development

React has emerged as a powerhouse in the fast-evolving web development landscape and it is preferred by top brands all over the world. Some of the largest and most engaged sites and apps in the world trust React – including Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, and Netflix.

What is React?

React is a JavaScript-based front-end development library for designing user interfaces which is managed by Facebook. It enables developers to generate re-usable UI components which is highly beneficial in the development phase as it cuts across the phase of over and repetitive development.

The decision to hire React engineers can significantly benefit your project. React developers are proficient in creating high-performance applications with a focus on user experience. It means that they can use what React provides to offer solutions that correspond to your business requirements yet are not too complex.

Why React?

Component-Based Architecture

    React’s component-based architecture allows developers to break down complex user interfaces into simpler, reusable components. It not only helps global application state management but also helps when creating and maintaining large-scale applications because each component has its own state.

    Virtual DOM

      React uses a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) which is a lightweight copy of the real DOM. This enables React to update only the parts of the DOM that have changed, resulting in faster updates and improved performance.

      JSX – JavaScript Syntax Extension

        React uses JSX which is a syntax extension that allows mixing HTML with JavaScript. This also makes the code easier to write and follow as it is much easier for someone well-versed in HTML to understand and follow this code.

        Rich Ecosystem

          React has a rich ecosystem with a variety of libraries and tools that help developers build robust applications. Tools like Redux for state management, React Router for routing, and Material-UI for pre-designed components enhance the development experience.


            Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, React can be easily rendered on the server side using Node.js. This makes applications built using React more easily indexable and in turn, rank higher on search engines.

            Community Support

              Another positive aspect of React is the high level of community engagement that helps to extend and develop the framework. This way, the community support will make sure React stays as the most up-to-date and relevant as possible in terms of web development.

              Case Studies

              Facebook and Instagram

                Facebook and Instagram, both owned by Meta, rely on React for their web interfaces. This means that whenever there is a need to update or improve, it can easily happen with the aid of the setup copy of React’s component base thus creating relativity easy use through millions of users.


                  React is being used by Airbnb for the front end where it is beneficial in handling search queries and modifying the state of the specific area quickly. Combining aspects of virtual DOM and component reuse is important for both the aesthetics and functionality that React helps to uphold at Airbnb.


                    Netflix utilizes React for its customer-facing applications, allowing for rapid feature development and deployment. Performance optimizations or enhancements in React make Netflix effectively serve streaming services to millions of its users globally.


                    React’s popularity among top brands is no coincidence. It has a component-based structure, fast virtual DOM, and a rich number of libraries which makes it very suitable for modern web application development.

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