Wade Benz Obituary or Died, Honouring Gary “Wade” Benz Jr.’s Joyful, Loving, and Compassionate Life

Nashville native Wade Benz was born On November 14, 1979, and was overjoyed. Wade had a wide range of interests, working in modeling, acting, and news broadcasting before 18. His early research of several professions showed his interest in a variety of disciplines, setting the foundation for a versatile and committed life.

Who Survives Wade?

Wade is remembered by his loving wife Natalie and their children Sawyer, Remy, Sully, and Owen. His parents Gary and Diane Benz and siblings Stephanie (Jody) McBrayer and Chase Benz (Tessa) are strongly affected by him. Wade’s in-laws Mike and Kelly Roebuck and brothers-in-law Michael (Hannah) and Christopher Mallory Ryan honor him together with his immediate family. Wade is remembered by many nieces and nephews, demonstrating his deep love for his entire family.

Survives Wade Quick Facts

NameGary “Wade” Benz, Jr.
ProfessionMulti-faceted career
Date of BirthNovember 14, 1979
Place of BirthNashville, TN
Date of DeathJanuary 26, 2024
Place of DeathNot disclosed
Age at Death45
Cause of DeathNot disclosed
ParentsGary and Diane Benz
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameNatalie

Wade Benz’s Early Life

Gary and Diane Benz joyfully welcomed Wade Benz into the world on November 14, 1979, in Nashville, TN. Wade Benz Obituary Nashville Tennessee worked in modeling, acting, and news broadcasting before turning 18. Wade was inquisitive about new technology, current events, and politics throughout his life. A devout Christian, he passionately represented Christ Pres Academy (CPA) throughout his academic efforts at Western Kentucky and Belmont University. 

 Wade Benz Education

SchoolChrist Pres Academy
Graduation Year1997
UniversityBelmont University

Family and Personal Life

Father:Gary Benz
Mother:Diane Benz
Brother(s):Not Available
Sister(s):Not Available
  • The esteemed parents of Wade Benz are Gary and Diane Benz. Gary and Diane shaped Wade’s early years and set the stage for his outstanding life. Their counsel and encouragement helped Wade become a varied person, affecting his personal and professional life. 
  • Personal Life: Wade met Natalie in 2010 and found happiness in Florida. Their love story grew into a lovely wedding the following year. 
  • Family Life: Sawyer, Remington, Sullivan, and Owen were born to Wade and Natalie in Franklin, a loving home. 

Wade Benz Was The Father Of Four Children

Wade met Natalie in 2010 on a Florida beach, according to Harpeth Hills. The pair married the next year and moved to Franklin. After having Sawyer, Owen, Remy, and Sully, their family grew. 

Wade Benz Career Highlights

Career Highlights
ProfessionsModeling, Acting, News Broadcasting, Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial VentureUSimprints.com (Founded in 2003 with father, Gary)
Business FocusE-commerce, Personal Relationships, High-Quality Service
Customers ServedOver 70,000, including Toyota, T-Mobile, NBC Universal, Associated Press

Wade Benz’s Marital Life

Wade Benz met his future wife, Natalie, on a Florida beach trip in 2010. They grew closer and married the following year. Franklin became their home, where they created a loving environment for their growing family.

Wade and Natalie had four beautiful children, each of whom Wade loved deeply. Wade loved every moment, from daddy-daughter dances with his oldest, Sawyer, to Sunday morning fishing with his son, Owen, and donut dates with Remy. His love and delight showed in his marriage and fatherhood. 

Wade Benz’s Personality and Interest

Wade Benz was known for naturally connecting with people and never treating them as strangers. His family loyalty touched many people he met along the way. Wade supported Christ Presbyterian Academy’s “Unseen Stories” project outside of personal relationships.

Wade enjoyed school spirit and community as a CPA Athletics fan. He felt shared excitement might transform the community and build strong bonds. Wade loved reading, especially biographies and business magazines, which showed his intellectual curiosity.

Tragic Suicide in Franklin, Tennessee

Franklin, Tennessee’s close-knit community mourns Wade Benz’s suicide. The town has mourned his unexpected death, leaving family, friends, and loved ones devastated.

As the community mourns, suicide’s widespread impact must be acknowledged. Beyond direct family, the death affects friends, colleagues, and the community, emphasizing the need to address mental health issues.

Wade’s suicide highlights the complexity of mental health and the necessity for help and resources for those struggling. 

Wade Benz Obituary-Death News

Today, we remember Wade Benz, a beloved Franklin, Tennessee resident whose abrupt death left a deep loss in his family, friends, and community. While his death is tragic, we must focus on his life and his lasting impact on others.

Wade was loved for his community service and joyful enthusiasm in every interaction. During this difficult time, his loved ones will always cherish the memories they spent with him.

Wade’s death highlights the essential need for mental health understanding and support. As a community, we must address the issues that may have affected his decision and work together to prevent others from feeling isolated or unsupported.

Let us reflect on empathy and compassion to promote open and honest mental health discussions. We can enable individuals in need to seek help without fear or shame by creating a safe and supportive environment. 

What Happened To Wade Benz? How Did He Die? Learn the Cause of Death

The untimely death of Wade Benz, a bright member of Franklin, Tennessee’s close-knit community, devastated the area. Wade’s sudden death shocked the community despite his high school athletic achievements. Wade Benz, 23, died on Friday, January 26, 2024, increasing Franklin’s sadness.

According to sources, Wade committed suicide on that awful day. His family and friends are devastated by this news. Wade’s long struggle with anxiety and despair led to this terrible event. Wade was born in Franklin, Tennessee, to Brian and Kelly Benz on July 12, 2000. He had two brothers, Haley and Tyler.

Wade Benz graduated from Franklin High School in 2018 after playing baseball, basketball, and football.

What Were Wade’s Major Milestones in Life?

Wade’s life was full of accomplishments that made him famous. He joined his father’s business partnership as an entrepreneur. His voracious curiosity prompted him to read biographies and business periodicals, deepening his expertise.

Wade met Natalie in 2010 while vacationing in Florida, and their relationship became lifelong. Their 2011 marriage began an idyllic Franklin, TN family life. Natalie and Wade had four children: Sawyer Kate, Remington Ryan “Remy,” Sullivan Roe “Sully,” and Owen Wade. Wade loved fatherhood, participating in daddy-daughter dances and fishing with Owen Wade. This chapter shows Wade’s love, passion, and fulfillment in his personal and professional life. 

How Did Wade Affect His Community?

Wade’s charming grin, engaging humor, and genuine love of meaningful talks made him popular with everyone. His unwavering devotion to family and loved ones forged lasting bonds with those he encountered. His personal contacts and strong support for CPA Athletics showed his impact. Wade thought school spirit could unite communities, showing his devotion to building relationships beyond the personal to the collective. 

Wade Benz: A Resident of Franklin, TN

Wade Benz, a Franklin, Tennessee native, had a lasting impression on those who knew him. Although his life is unknown, his unexpected death is reverberating across the town. 

A Community in Mourning

Wade Benz’s death has plunged his family, friends, and community into mourning. The pain and disbelief remain as they unite to cope with this cherished resident’s abrupt departure. In times of loss, the community comes together to comfort each other.

A Life Remembered: Celia Wade

By coincidence, the publishing platform learned of Celia Wade’s death on Thursday, January 18, 2024. Alcoa resident Celia, 73, contributed greatly to the community. After fifty years at Alcoa First Baptist Church, she enjoyed a successful career with Dr. Patrick Burkhart. Family, friends, and the community remember Celia as a loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend. She loved traveling with friends and supporting the University of Tennessee. Those who knew Celia will miss her. 

A Gathering to Remember

The Wade family is hosting a five-to-seven-pm friend gathering at Smith West Chapel on Friday, January 26, 2024. Reverend Greg Long and Reverend Chandler Warren will officiate Celia’s memorial service at seven. 

Coping With Loss

The news of Wade Benz’s death compounds the community’s grief. In light of these losses, mental health’s tremendous effects on individuals and communities must be acknowledged. Mental health awareness and assistance are urgently needed to help people silently struggling. 

Seeking Support

If you or someone you know has mental health issues, get help. Contact friends, family, or professionals for support. The 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) is helpful. Communities must unite to help, empathize, and comprehend victims of tragedy. The people who knew Wade Benz and Celia Wade will remember their legacy and their impact on their communities.

Impact on Family and Community

Wade Benz left a lasting mark on his family and Franklin, Tennessee. Those who loved him feel his absence terribly. As they grieve, they remember Wade’s significant impact on their lives. Wade’s family struggles to accept his departure. With the shock and bewilderment of losing a loved one, their sadness is indescribable.

Grief and Shockwaves

Friends, neighbors, and acquaintances in Franklin, Tennessee, are grieving Wade Benz’s unexpected death. Wade’s loved ones grieve in different ways. Residents lament the loss of a dynamic and beloved member, sending shock waves around town. The community must unite and comfort one another during this difficult time. Through tales, recollections, and sympathetic listening, people might discover strength in the common loss experience.

Repercussions of Suicide

Wade Benz’s suicide leaves friends, colleagues, and the community grieving. Suicide raises important mental health issues and emphasizes the need for better understanding and support. This tragic anecdote emphasizes the need to create a safe space for getting help. Communities can prevent similar tragedies by understanding mental health issues and showing compassion to people struggling. It urges society to prioritize mental health and invest in support systems.

Importance of Mental Health Support

Wade Benz’s departure highlights the need for community mental health help. It calls for communal action to improve everyone’s well-being and ensure access to resources and support to overcome life’s problems.

Beyond treating mental illness, comprehensive mental health assistance creates a safe, caring environment where people can seek help. By creating a mental health-focused community, we can empower people to prioritize their mental health and seek help when required.

Creating a Safe Environment

We need a safe place to promote mental wellness in our community. We must foster a culture of empathy, understanding, and acceptance where people can freely address mental health issues without judgment or stigma.

A safe sanctuary can encourage open and honest mental health conversations, allowing people to share their experiences and seek help. This safe environment promotes healing and community bonding. 

Together, we can remove obstacles to seeking help and ensure everyone has access to mental and emotional health support.

Greater Understanding and Assistance

The terrible death of Wade Benz highlights the need for mental health awareness and support. We must self-educate and teach others about mental health challenges, dispel myths, and foster empathy.

We can better identify mental suffering and help people in need with more awareness. This may involve connecting them to professional services, advocating therapy or counseling, or just listening.

Value of Empathy and Compassion

Wade Benz’s departure emphasizes the importance of empathy and compassion. It’s crucial to emphasize understanding and kindness in a distant environment.

Empathy may create a community of visibility, acknowledgment, and support. Let us aim to be compassionate listeners who offer a safe space for others to share their struggles. Through these small acts of kindness, we can improve the lives of others.

Wade Benz Trivia

  • Gary and Diane Benz had Wade Benz on November 14, 1979, in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Scorpio was Wade Benz’s sign.
  • From Nashville with siblings Chase Benz and Stephanie McBrayer.
  • Wade attempted modeling, acting, and newscasting before 18.
  • After graduating from Christ Pres Academy in 1997, attended Belmont University.
  • Wade and his father, Gary, launched USimprints.com in 2003 to combine e-commerce with personal relationships and exceptional service.
  • Over 70,000 clients used USimprints, including Toyota, T-Mobile, NBC Universal, and the Associated Press.
  • Reports claim Wade Benz, 44, committed suicide in Nashville on January 26, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Wade Benz

Q: Who was Wade Benz?

A: Born in Nashville, Tennessee, on November 14, 1979, Wade Benz was multidimensional. His career included modeling, acting, news broadcasting, and entrepreneurship.

Q: What were Wade Benz’s career highlights?

A: Wade modeled, acted, and reported. He co-founded USimprints.com in 2003, which served over 70,000 customers, including Toyota, T-Mobile, NBC Universal, and Associated Press.

Q: How did Wade Benz help his community?

A: Wade supported initiatives including Christ Presbyterian Academy’s “Unseen Stories” project. He loved community spirit, especially in CPA Athletics.


Wade Benz had a varied career, entrepreneurial pursuits, and a strong community commitment. His suicide and terrible death highlight the need for mental health awareness and support. Wade, a loving father, successful entrepreneur, and community leader, encourages us to prioritize empathy, compassion, and honest mental health conversations. After this loss, the community is encouraged to support and understand each other and work to create an atmosphere that prioritizes individual well-being.

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