Teri Debarge: Biography, Marriage, Struggle, Net Worth, and Current Status

American producer Teri DeBarge was lauded for her entertainment industry work. The critically praised television show “Unsung” and “The Bobby DeBarge Story,” a film about the famous singer, were produced by her. When she opened up about her connection with Bobby DeBarge, a former Motown R&B/soul vocalist, Teri Lee Gayle became famous in the 1990s. Their youthful romance culminated to a 1990s public marriage. Despite her minimal social media presence and short professional employment, Teri DeBarge’s

Who Is Bobby Debarge’s Wife, Teri Debarge?

Teri DeBarge, born Teri Lee Gayle, became famous in the 1990s after marrying Bobby DeBarge, the main vocalist of Motown. Teri is a successful television and film producer. Her notable achievements include the TV show ‘Unsung’ and the film ‘The Bobby DeBarge Story,’ which chronicled the late singer’s life. Teri’s productions have enriched the entertainment industry’s narrative. 

Teri DeBarge Biography

She is born Teri Lee Gayle, became famous in the 1990s after marrying Bobby DeBarge. Teri left the spotlight after his tragic death. Her educational history is kept private, adding to her anonymity.

Teri DeBarge Quick Facts

NameTeri Debarge
CountryUnited States of America
BirthplaceNot available
Date of Birth        Not available
AgeAround 60 years old
Height5 feet and 8 inches
Net Worth (2022)$5 million expected
School/CollegeNot available
Father’s nameNot available
Mother’s NameNot available
Marital Status        Ex-wife Late Bobby Debarge
Husband Name        Late Bobby Debarge
Eye Color        Black
Zodiac Sign        Not available
Religion        Christian
PopularityAs producer and wife of singer Bobby Debarge

Teri DeBarge Height/ Weight/ Age

Teri DeBarge’s height, weight, and birthdate are unknown. The lack of public birth date information makes it difficult to ascertain her age.

Early Life Of The Girl Next Door. 

Teri DeBarge led a normal existence in the US with a loving family until her mid-teens. American by nationality, she is Christian. Little is known about her birthplace, date, parents, and siblings. Around 1985, she met Bobby at 15 years old. Current estimates put Teri at 60. The family has kept her career and status confidential, so little is known about her after high school.

Teri DeBarge Education

The producer prefers to keep her family’s educational background private.

Teri DeBarge Boyfriend/ Husband/ Family

Teri is known for her privacy and has never discussed her parents or siblings. She met Bobby in the mid-1980s when she was 15 and he was 30. After dating, they married on December 10, 1990. There were claims that El DeBarge’s ex-wife Monique brought them together, but this has not been confirmed. The couple has kids Christian and Bobby DeBarge Jr. Married, cartoonist Christian has a daughter.

Bobby Debarge’s Family, Parents, Siblings

Bobby DeBarge was born to Robert DeBarge, Sr. (Father) and Etterlene (Mother). His father was so abusive that’s why he had an unhappy childhood. His parents separated and divorced in the 1970s. His family relocated to Grand Rapids.

Teri DeBarge’s Husband Bobby DeBarge

Bobby DeBarge, the lead singer of Motown R&B vocal trio Switch, had an amazing falsetto. He had ten siblings and was born Robert Louis DeBarge Jr. in Detroit, Michigan, on March 5, 1956. Bobby’s parents were Etterlene and Robert Louis DeBarge Sr. Etterlene (Bunny), Thomas (Tommy), William (Randy), Mark (Marty), Eldra (El), James, Jonathan Arthur (Chico), and twins Darryl (Young) and Carol were his siblings. Bobby also had five half-siblings from his father’s extramarital affair.

Bobby and Teri’s Children

Their family grew up with two children. Christian DeBarge, the oldest, draws anime. Christian is happily married to an Asian woman and has a daughter. Despite their fame, the family keeps most of their life secret.

Personal Life

Teri and Bobby met in the mid-1980s when Teri was 15. They married on December 10, 1990, after their relationship grew. The couple enjoyed their relationship and had two sons, Christian and Bobby DeBarge Jr. Bobby DeBarge Jr. plays with cousins Andrew, Kristinia, and Eldra DeBarge, following in his father’s musical footsteps. Teri has prioritized motherhood over dating since her husband’s death.


Teri DeBarge now produces films about her late husband’s life. She appeared on “Unsung,” a 2008 TV broadcast highlighting renowned R&B Soul Gospel performers. In 2019, she produced “The Bobby DeBarge Story,” about her spouse. Laila Odom played Teri DeBarge in this touching film, which premiered on June 29, 2019. Bobby DeBarge Jr.’s sounds at the movie’s end recalled his father’s falsetto.

Who Did Bobby DeBarge date?

Bobby DeBarge may have had multiple love relationships. Despite his marriage to Teri, tales circulate about his three-year relationship with gay Tony in a California condo before Bobby’s death. AIDS killed Tony too. Bobby was rumored to have dated Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya, who inspired “I Call Your Name.” Teri was in a relationship with Randy before marrying Bobby, but they broke up owing to irreconcilable differences. Teri reportedly dated Bobby’s brother EL after her husband’s death.

Where Is Teri DeBarge now?

After Bobby DeBarge, Teri’s husband, brother, and son, died, she worked with his family to honor him. Numerous DeBarge nephews and nieces have pursued music careers, continuing the family’s musical tradition. Teri was instrumental in capturing her husband’s producer journey. She helped produce the 2008 television show ‘Unsung,’ which highlights influential, brilliant, and often ignored figures in R&B, Soul, and Gospel music from the second half of the 20th century.

Fun facts regarding Teri Debarge

Before her spouse died of AIDS, Teri DeBarge enjoyed six years of marriage. Teri, the widow of Bobby DeBarge, has avoided the spotlight and new relationships. She is not active on social media.

Teri’s Shot To Fame  

After meeting Bobby DeBarge, Teri went from normal to famous. Teri and Bobby were immediately drawn to each other through Monique DeBarge, Teri’s relative, and Bobby’s ex-wife. Bobby, feeling a deep connection with Teri, approached her, and their meetings increased. Teri fell for Bobby and started dating him. A year after dating, the pair married after finding compatibility. Teri and Bobby were happily married until Bobby’s 1995 death from a protracted illness.

Current Status Of Teri Debarge

Teri has produced many TV series and movies as a producer. She executive produced the 2008 film ‘Unsung,’ about R&B brothers and soul vocal music. In 2009, she produced ‘The Bobby DeBarge Story’, released in 2019. This film covers Bobby’s life, including his accomplishments and controversies. Teri’s executive producer role shows her commitment to telling Bobby DeBarge’s tale.

Death of Teri DeBarge’s husband

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Teri DeBarge’s 39-year-old husband died of HIV/AIDS complications on August 16, 1995. Amazingly, Teri was unharmed by the infection. Several theories have been proposed about Bobby’s illness and death. His bisexuality has been suggested, although no proof exists. Bobby’s drug addiction and other bad habits are the most likely explanation. Bobby struggled with his personal life due to his father’s erratic behavior, despite his musical talent. After heroin, he tried cocaine. 

Bobby Debarge Cause Of Death

Bobby DeBarge’s health declined when he was diagnosed with H.I.V. in prison. His family transferred him to a Grand Rapids hospice for his health. AIDS killed him aged 39 on August 16, 1995. Grand Rapids’ Garfield Park Cemetery holds his remains.

Teri DeBarge Now Social Media

We regret that Teri DeBarge is not on social networking. Despite being a star spouse, she avoids the spotlight and social media. She also avoided creating Instagram fan pages.

Teri DeBarge’s Net Worth

Teri became a producer after her husband’s death, working on TV and movies. Her net worth is unknown, although industry sources claim she has made $5 million from her entertainment career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Teri DeBarge

Q: Who is Teri DeBarge?

A: American producer Teri DeBarge worked on “Unsung” and “The Bobby DeBarge Story.” After marrying Switch member Bobby DeBarge, she rose to fame.

Q: What is Teri DeBarge’s true name?

A: The real Teri DeBarge is Teri Lee Gayle.

Q: When did Bobby and Teri DeBarge marry?

A: On December 10, 1990, Teri married Bobby DeBarge. 

Q: How many children do Teri and Bobby DeBarge have?

A: Bobby and Teri have two boys, Christian and Bobby Jr.

Q: How much is Teri DeBarge worth?

A: Teri DeBarge may be worth $5 million in 2022.

Q: Where is Teri DeBarge?

A: Producer Teri DeBarge has worked on TV and movies since her husband’s death. 

She hardly uses social media.

Q: Bobby DeBarge died when?

A: Bobby DeBarge died of HIV/AIDS complications in Grand Rapids on August 16, 1995.


Teri DeBarge, an accomplished entertainment producer, has left a lasting legacy by representing her late husband Bobby DeBarge. Her work success and quiet lifestyle demonstrate her commitment to privacy. Her passion for Bobby DeBarge’s legacy is evident as she advances in the field. Teni’s story of her highs and lows adds richness to the story of a person who suddenly achieved fame and overcame its hurdles.

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