Specifics of Being a Driver in Bahrain: Types of Transport and Routes

Being a driver in Bahrain can have many benefits, but it is important to consider the local labor market and socio-cultural sensitivities. Let’s take a look at a few of the most basic advantages that can be associated with this profession in Bahrain. To quickly find a free driver vacancy with good conditions use Layboard a job search site.

High-income level

Bahraini drivers can command relatively high salaries, specifically if they work in luxury vehicles or cater to high-end clients.

Demand for the drivers

With the increasing number of expats and tourists in Bahrain, there is a greater requirement for drivers, especially for airport transfers, rental cars, and corporate transportation.

Flexible schedules

Some drivers can find work with flexible schedules, which enables them to manage their time better and lead a more balanced lifestyle.

Possibilities for self-employed drivers

Drivers can also consider becoming self-employed by providing cab or car rental services through various platforms.

Work experience in an international environment

Working as a driver can allow you to socialize with people of different cultures and nationalities, making for an enriching experience.

Favorable road environment

Bahrain has a well-developed road infrastructure, which makes traveling around the country relatively convenient and fast.

It is important to remember that employment conditions and incentives may vary depending on the type of job and employer. In addition, be aware of local laws and policies, including labor laws and guidelines, when considering opportunities to work abroad, particularly in Bahrain.

Types of transport in Bahrain 

In Bahrain, there are different modes of transportation to get around the country. Here are some of the main modes of transport in Bahrain.


Cars are the main means of traveling in Bahrain. The nation has a well-developed road infrastructure and cars are often used as public and private transportation. Cabs and rental cars are also common.

Cab services

Many cabs are operating in Bahrain, offering services both in the city and for airport transfers. Cabs can be hailed by phone or caught on the street.

Public transportation

Public transport in Bahrain is represented by buses. The public transportation network is not as extensive as in some other countries, but it exists and provides certain routes around the city and surrounding areas.

Car rental

Many businesses provide car rental services, which allows tourists and expats to move freely around the country. The rental process is usually quite simple and affordable.

Bicycles and electric scooters

It is possible to rent bicycles and electric scooters in some areas of Bahrain. These eco-friendly means of transportation are becoming increasingly popular in some areas.


Walking is popular in some parts of the cities, especially in downtown Manama and other historic areas. This allows you to enjoy the atmosphere and historical heritage of Bahrain.

Subway (planned by real estate developers)

Work is currently underway in Bahrain to build a subway. The introduction of the metro is planned to improve public transportation in the country.

These modes of transportation provide various options for getting around Bahrain and the choice depends on your needs, location and preferences. 

Types of routes in Bahrain

There are several types of routes in Bahrain to get around the country. All the types are listed below. 

  • Urban routes

There is a network of city routes in the center of Manama and other cities in Bahrain. These are usually buses that follow various routes within the city.

  • Intercity routes

Bus routes also connect different cities and towns within Bahrain. This provides transportation links between different regions of the country.

  • Cabs

Cabs provide a flexible and convenient means of transportation throughout the country. 

  • Car rental

Car rentals provide an opportunity to move freely around Bahrain. A multitude of companies offer car rental services with a variety of options.

  • Subway (in the future)

Bahrain’s metro is currently under construction, and once completed, this will be a new type of route for getting around within the country.

  • Bicycle and pedestrian routes

In some areas, especially in parks and recreational areas, there are biking and walking routes. These are ways to enjoy an active lifestyle and nature.

Each of these types of routes provides different options for getting around Bahrain depending on your needs and preferences.

What is the salary for drivers in Bahrain and what does it depend on?

Salaries for drivers in Bahrain can depend on several factors. It’s important to realize that exact figures can range depending on the type of job, driver experience, type of truck, and other factors. Here are some of the factors that can affect driver salaries in Bahrain:

Type of transportation

Salaries can vary depending on whether the driver provides cab services, car rental, private driver, or works on a truck.


Salaries may depend on the particular employer. For example, drivers working for a cab or car rental company may have a fixed salary or a commission-based pay structure.

Type of vehicle

Drivers of luxury cars or specialized vehicles may earn higher salaries compared to regular cab drivers.

Experience and qualifications

Drivers with a wealth of experience and additional qualifications (such as knowing multiple languages) can expect a higher salary.

Work schedule

Drivers with flexible schedules or those who are willing to work irregular hours may have additional bonuses or increased fares during peak hours.

Additional services

Drivers who provide additional services, such as cleaning the car or offering water to passengers, may receive extra tips or bonuses.


Salaries can also vary depending on the region in Bahrain where the driver works.

And as for accurate information about driver salaries in Bahrain, it is recommended to contact specific employers and research the local labor market and rates in the area.

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