Patricia Heaton Net Worth: Biography, Family, Body Measurement, Career, Personal Life & More 

Patricia Heaton Net Worth

$40 Million

patricia heaton net worth

Patricia Heaton’s Net Worth

Patricia Heaton, an American actress and producer, has built a substantial net worth of $40 million, largely thanks to her role as Debra Barone on the hugely popular sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond.” She was a fixture on the show, appearing in 209 out of 210 episodes, and eventually became one of the highest-paid TV actors with a salary of $450,000 per episode, raking in $9-10 million per season towards the end.

Following the show’s conclusion in 2005, Patricia continued to take on various projects, showcasing her talent and versatility. With three Emmy Awards under her belt, she’s been recognized as one of the funniest women on television. In 2012, she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, cementing her status as a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Profile Summary

NamePatricia Helen Heaton
Age61 years
Date of Birth4th March 1958
Place of BirthBay Village, Ohio, USA
Zodiac SignPisces
Eye ColourBrown
Natural Hair ColourBrown
FatherChuck Heaton
MotherPatricia Heaton
SpouseDavid Hunt
SiblingsAlice, Sharon, Frances, Michael
ChildrenJoseph Charles, Daniel Patrick, John Basil, Samuel David
Net Worth$40 million

Patricia Heaton Biography

Patricia Heaton Biography

Patricia Helen Heaton, known as Patty, is an Irish-American producer and performer born on March 4, 1958, in Bay Village, Ohio. She comes from a tight-knit family, with her mom, Patricia, and dad, Chuck, who worked as a sportswriter for The Plain Dealer. Growing up, she was deeply rooted in her Catholic faith, surrounded by her three sisters – Sharon, Frances, and Alice – and her brother, Michael, who’s also a Minister of Culture and a columnist for Viernes Magazine.

Patricia attended St. Raphael Catholic Elementary School before moving on to Bay High School, where she was quite the busy bee. From marching in the Bay Rockets band to belting tunes in the choir, she made the most of her high school years. Her passion for performing led her to join the Stage Band and later, to pursue theater at Ohio State University, where she became a proud sister of Delta Gamma.

In 1980, Patricia made the big move to New York City to study theater under the guidance of William Esper, marking the beginning of her journey into the world of acting.

Patricia Helen Heaton Family Background

Patricia Helen Heaton Family Background

Patricia Heaton, the actress, was born into a family where sports and writing were part of the daily fabric. Her dad, Chuck Heaton, was deeply entrenched in the world of sports as a sportswriter for ‘The Cleveland Plain Dealer.’ He passed away in February 2008 at the ripe age of 90, leaving behind a legacy of journalistic excellence.

Tragically, Patricia lost her mother when she was just 12 years old, a heartbreaking experience that undoubtedly shaped her life. Despite the loss, she found solace and support in her large family. Patricia is the fourth of five children, with three sisters – Sharon, Alice, and Frances – and one brother, Michael. Each sibling has carved out their own unique path, with Sharon choosing a life of devotion as a Dominican nun in Nashville and Michael following in their father’s footsteps as a columnist for ‘The Plain Dealer.’

Raised in a Catholic household, Patricia’s upbringing was likely steeped in tradition and faith, providing a strong foundation for her journey ahead. Despite the challenges she faced, Patricia’s family remains a source of strength and inspiration as she navigates the ups and downs of life in the spotlight.

Patricia Heaton Measurements

Patricia Heaton Measurements
Height157 cm (5 ft 2 in)
Weight132 lbs (60 kg)
Waist28″ (71 cm)
Chest37″ (94 cm)
Hips35″ (89 cm)
Shoe Size8 (US)
Dress Size8 (US)

Patricia Heaton stands at a modest 157 cm (5 ft 2 in) and weighs in at 132 lbs (60 kg). Her waist measures 28″ (71 cm), chest 37″ (94 cm), and hips 35″ (89 cm). She comfortably fits into a size 8 (US) shoe and dress. These measurements depict a woman with a well-proportioned figure, accentuated by her slender waist and petite frame. Despite her stature, Patricia’s influence in Hollywood and her significant contributions to the entertainment industry are undeniable.

Patricia Heaton Professional Career

Patricia Heaton Professional Career

In 1987, she found herself singing in the chorus of “Don’t Get God Started” while working alongside New York theater guru William Esper. Along with fellow students, she co-founded Off-Broadway’s Stage Three. It was during a screening of one of Stage Three’s productions in Los Angeles that a casting director noticed her.

Her television journey began with a stint as an oncologist in a series spanning from 1989 to 1991, featuring in six episodes. She went on to grace screens in various films like “Alien Nation” (1989), “Matlock” (1990), “Party of Five” (1996), and “The King of Queens” (1999, 2004).

Adding to her repertoire, she also appeared in several short films, including “Memoirs of an Invisible Man,” “Beethoven,” and “Space Jam” (1996). Throughout the early ’90s, she showcased her talent in short comedies like “Room for Two,” “Someone Like Me,” and “Women of the House.”

But it was her role in “Everybody Loves Raymond” from 1996 to 2005 that truly catapulted her to stardom. Garnering seven Emmy nominations, including two for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, she left an indelible mark on television. She also ventured into the realm of TV movies, starring in “A Town Without Christmas” (2001), “The Goodbye Girl” (2004), and “The Engagement Ring” (2005).

In 2005, alongside her husband, she ventured into directing with “The Bituminous Coal Queens of Pennsylvania.” The following year, she helmed the William Wilberforce drama “Amazing Grace.”

In the Patricia Heaton-led sitcom “The Middle” (2009), her comedic talent shone brightly. In 2011, TV Guide Network acknowledged her as the 24th funniest woman on television.

Beyond the screen, she lent her charm to commercials for Pantene. More recently, she appeared in “The Star,” sharing the screen with talents like Steven Yeun, Gina Rodriguez, Zachary Levi, and Keegan-Michael Key.

Raymond Salary Protest

Before the final seasons of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” there was some drama over salaries. Ray Romano was set to make a whopping $1.8 million per episode, while Peter Boyle and Doris Roberts were at $250,000 each and Patricia Heaton at $450,000. Brad Garrett felt left out and voiced his discontent, leading to some tense moments. In solidarity, Patricia Heaton and then Boyle and Roberts joined in, causing production delays. Eventually, they all reached a settlement. They got modest raises, but more importantly, they secured a share of the show’s profits, ensuring they’d continue to benefit from its success even after it ended.

Patricia Helen Heaton Personal life

Patricia Helen Heaton Personal life

Patricia Heaton, the American actress known for her roles in beloved sitcoms, has found lasting happiness with her husband, David Hunt, whom she married back in 1990. Before David, she was married to Constatine Yankoglu. Together, Patricia and David have been blessed with four sons, forming a beautiful family.

Beyond her acting career, Patricia and David teamed up to co-found FourBoys Films in 2001, a venture close to their hearts. This production company has brought several memorable films to audiences, including ‘Moms’ Night Out’, ‘The Engagement Ring’, and ‘Amazing Grace’, showcasing their passion for storytelling and filmmaking. It’s clear that Patricia and David share not only a strong bond in marriage but also a creative partnership that continues to flourish.

Patricia Heaton Children


Patricia Heaton, the talented actress we know and love, shares a beautiful family with her husband, David Hunt. Together, they have four sons, each born in the vibrant ’90s. Their eldest, Samuel David, entered the world in 1993, followed by John Basil in 1995, Joseph Charles in 1997, and the youngest, Daniel Patrick, completing the family in 1999.

The Heaton-Hunt household radiated joy and laughter as they welcomed each new addition over the years.

Charities And Foundations Supported

Some of the charities Patricia has supported include;

  • Alliance for Children’s Rights
  • Cure Autism Now
  • Fresh Air Fund
  • Red Cross

Patricia Heaton’s charm and wit shine through in her diverse roles across movies and films, where her sense of humor never fails to delight audiences. Beyond the screen, she keeps her fans engaged and entertained through her active presence on social media platforms. With her upcoming series and projects on the horizon, fans eagerly anticipate more of her talent and infectious energy to grace their screens.

Patricia Helen Heaton Real Estate

Back in 2001, Patricia Heaton and her husband David Hunt made a significant investment, purchasing a stunning mansion in the upscale Hancock Park neighborhood of LA for $4.85 million. This lavish residence boasted 8,400 square feet of living space and exquisite Italian-inspired architecture. They later sold this property in 2013 for $8 million, though rumors circulated that they initially aimed for a much higher price of $12 million.

Their former Hancock Park abode now belongs to the renowned television powerhouse Shonda Rhimes, who underwent a major renovation and listed the property for a staggering $25 million in 2021.

Following their move, Patricia and David settled into a new home in the charming LA suburb of Toluca Lake in 2013. They purchased a spacious 7,600-square-foot mansion for $5.4 million, complete with luxurious features like marble floors, a detached guesthouse, and top-notch security. With a pool to enjoy, it was a perfect retreat for the family.

After years of creating cherished memories, Patricia and David bid farewell to their Toluca Lake residence in September 2020, selling it for $7.5 million.

In November 2021, Patricia embarked on another chapter, acquiring a new home in Toluca Lake for just under $5 million, signaling a fresh start in a familiar neighborhood.


Q. Why did Patricia Heaton and David Hunt sell their Hancock Park mansion?

They decided to part ways with their Hancock Park mansion, selling it for $8 million in 2013. Likely motivations include a desire for a change of scenery or perhaps seeing it as a strategic investment move.

Q. Who is Shonda Rhimes and why did she renovate the Hancock Park mansion?

Shonda Rhimes, a highly respected television producer behind iconic shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal,” purchased the mansion. Renovations were likely made to tailor the space to her personal taste and lifestyle needs.

Q. What features did the Toluca Lake mansion have?

Their Toluca Lake mansion was quite impressive, offering 7,600 square feet of living space, elegant marble floors, a detached guesthouse, and top-notch security features, making it the perfect family abode.

Wrapping Up

In wrapping up, Patricia Heaton and David Hunt’s venture into LA’s real estate realm mirrors their changing preferences and lifestyle throughout the years. Moving from their opulent Hancock Park residence to the snug haven of Toluca Lake, each property marks a milestone in their journey, showcasing their ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of celebrity life. With their new abode in Toluca Lake, fans eagerly await what’s next for the beloved couple, both in their personal lives and their on-screen endeavors.

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