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Due to her father, NBA player Blake Griffin, Finley Elaine Griffin, born in September 2016, has garnered public attention. Blake’s high-profile romances, including reported ties to Kendall Jenner, keep him in the media limelight outside of sports. Blake has faced legal issues with his ex-fiancée, Brynn Cameron, over their children despite the glamor. Finley’s story is remarkable because she grows up amid her father’s public persona and personal issues.

Who is Finley Elaine Griffin?

Finley Elaine Griffin, the second daughter of NBA star Blake Griffin, is one of the most celebrity offspring worldwide. Blake’s ex-fiancee Brynn Cameron plays Finley’s mother. Finley is well-known among celebrity children due to her high-profile parents.

Finley Elaine Griffin Biography

The daughter of NBA star Blake Griffin and ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron is Finley Elaine Griffin, born in September 2016. Finley grew up an athlete and family member with her older brother, Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, and half-brother, Cole Cameron Leinart, from her mother. Blake Griffin, her father, plays basketball for the Pistons. Finley’s mother, Brynn Cameron, is a fitness model and former college basketball player. Best known as Blake Griffin’s daughter Finley, 

Quick Facts Of Finley Elaine Griffin

Full NameFinley Elaine Griffin
Date BirthSeptember 21, 2016
Age7 years 5 months
Last UpdatedFebruary, 2024
Birth PlaceUnited States of America

Finley Elaine Griffin Age

Finley Elaine Griffin, born September 1, 2016, will turn seven on September 1, 2023. Each year brings new chapters in her life, promising growth and adventures.

Body measurement

Finley, a cute celebrity child, is moderately tall and weighs appropriately. Although her body measurements are unknown, her stunning dark brown eyes and golden hair enhance her attraction. Instead, her father, Blake Griffin, is 6 feet 9 inches tall, highlighting the family’s physical characteristics.

Finley’s Early Years

The details of Finley’s childhood are kept private. Growing up in Los Angeles, she saw Blake Griffin’s rise to success with the Clippers, a time of privilege and affluence due to his max deal. Her material requirements were covered, but she may have wanted more time with her NBA-playing father.

Schooling & Education

Finley is probably in a Los Angeles private elementary school at 6. Brynn Cameron’s Instagram shows horse riding lessons, suggesting Finley may follow her mother’s sports interest. We wonder if Finley will play sports.

Who Are Finley Griffin’s Parents?

Finley Griffin’s parents are NBA star Blake Griffin and former basketball player and entrepreneur Brynn Cameron. Both are well-known figures who have contributed to athletics and beyond. Finley’s family is further distinguished by their US fame.

Finley Elaine Gryphon Mother

Finally, Elaine Griffin’s mother is former basketball player Brynn Cameron, a businesswoman. Brynn was an interior decorator before starting her own business. After a few months with NFL player Matt Leinart, she became famous. Despite their breakup, Brynn became pregnant with Matt’s child at 18. When Brynn fell for NBA player Blake Griffin in 2009, her world changed. After Brynn became pregnant with Blake’s son Ford Wilson, their relationship became public. A few weeks before their 2017 wedding, Brynn and Blake called it off.

Finley Elaine Gryphon Father

The Boston Celtics have NBA star Blake Griffin. He was successful with the Detroit Pistons and Brooklyn Nets before joining the Celtics. Blake has won six NBA All-Star crowns, demonstrating his basketball skills. Blake has stayed out of love scandals. He was engaged to Brynn Cameron. The pair split up after eight years to pursue their own lives.

Finley Griffin’s Siblings

Finley Elaine Griffin grew raised with her older brother Ford Wilson Cameron Griffin and her half-brother Cole Cameron Leinart. These family members shaped her youth by building a familial relationship.

Personal life

Finley Elaine Griffin is a child and has no romantic relationships. As expected and respectful, she hasn’t discussed her personal life at a young age. Blake and Brynn, her parents, married on July 28, 2017. Their marriage was short-lived and ended. Finley lives with her mother, Brynn Cameron. While her parents had relationship issues, Finley is too young to have any problematic incidents related to her name.

Finley Elaine Griffin: Professional Life, Career

Finley Elaine Griffin is still a child and has not started a job. She inherited an NBA legacy as the daughter of professional basketball player Blake Griffin. Blake Griffin, an NBA superstar, has made a name for himself. Finley may follow her father or pick a different route as she grows.

Blake Griffin’s Basketball Career

The Los Angeles Clippers selected Blake Griffin as their #1 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, starting his career. Griffin became known for his all-around skills and incredible dunks in his first nine seasons with the Clippers. He was named NBA Rookie of the Year and made six NBA All-Star teams in 2011. Griffin led the Clippers to several playoff appearances after signing a five-year, $170 million contract extension in 2014. In 2018, he joined the Detroit Pistons and performed well. 

Long Term Impacts

Finley Elaine Griffin will be profoundly affected by growing up under lawsuits and public attention in the coming years. Although the future is uncertain, Finley’s formative years, highlighted by controversies and media attention, will shape her future self.

The Lawsuit: Brynn Cameron vs Blake Griffin

Brynn Cameron sued Blake Griffin for palimony in 2018 for herself and their two children, Finley and Cole. This judicial argument over financial and support obligations after their breakup showed their post-relationship complications.

The Claims

From 2014, Griffin would provide Cameron with housing, automobiles, and monetary allowances. Cameron said Griffin broke this verbal agreement after their 2018 split. She said she sacrificed her career and life for Griffin’s NBA career. Cameron sued for monthly child support, career loss, and more in 2018. Cameron’s legal team wanted half of his monthly income ($258,000) for child support under Blake Griffin’s lucrative 5-year $173 million contract. The legal dispute also encompassed requests for retroactive payments from October 2014, a Manhattan Beach home, and lifelong expenditures, including children’s college tuition. 

Griffin’s Defense

Griffin’s lawyers contended that Cameron was seeking an undue gain from unpaid payments. They noted that Brynn’s foundation and business success showed that she didn’t sacrifice her career for Blake’s. This response challenged the idea that Cameron had sacrificed personal and professional goals for Griffin, complicating their divorce.

The Settlement

After years of litigation, the palimony lawsuit was settled privately in 2020. Legal sources believe Cameron received child support, compensation, and a joint custody arrangement, albeit the details are classified. Finley lives mostly with her mother and half-brother Cole per the parenting agreement. Her 6-year-old may be unaware of the legal complexity of her parents split.

Why The Case Matters?

After years of litigation, the palimony lawsuit was settled privately in 2020. Legal sources believe Cameron received child support, compensation, and a joint custody arrangement, albeit the details are classified. Finley lives mostly with her mother and half-brother Cole per the parenting agreement. Her 6-year-old may be unaware of the legal complexity of her parents’ split.

1. Legal Rights for Unwed Partners

Cameron has limited legal rights after their breakup due to their non-marriage. Her palimony case used verbal promises and sacrifices to claim common law marriage. This judicial dispute exposed systemic weaknesses in property rights for unmarried couples raising children together. Prenuptial agreements, especially for high-profile couples, are necessary to handle such issues without traditional marital attachments.

2. Setting Precedents For NBA Contracts

The lawsuit garnered attention from other NBA couples, as it posed a potential risk of awarding Cameron a substantial portion—up to 50%—of Blake’s colossal $173 million Clippers deal. A win may have set NBA player income and divorce settlement precedents. However, the exclusive and private settlement kept the details private and protected individuals involved.

3. Custody and Child Support Battles

Finley was caught in the middle of her parent’s custody and child and palimony disputes. The case showed how difficult separation issues can be, especially when large financial holdings are involved and children are involved. It highlights the unpleasant realities of high-profile uncoupling and the complex issues that occur when financial goals conflict with relationship and parenting obligations.

The Wedding That Wasn’t

Finley’s parents seemed ready to marry on July 26, 2017. Blake reportedly canceled the wedding a week before. Blake opposed Brynn Cameron’s prenuptial agreement, which led to the decision. His position stemmed from their 2013 verbal agreement when he encouraged Brynn to become a homemaker, which caused conflict and wrecked their marriage.

The Legal Battle and Palimony

Blake Griffin was sued by Brynn Cameron in 2018 for “palimony.” A father provides financial support to a partner with whom he shares a kid, usually when they cohabitate. Some thought Brynn was reacting to Blake’s suspected romance with Kendall Jenner, but she said it was about holding him accountable for abandoning his family.

Blake was ordered to pay Cameron $32,000 per month and give up the Manhattan Beach mansion after the lawsuit. Blake settled these accusations after first disputing them in 2018.

Who is Blake Griffin?

Blake Griffin, a legendary NBA player, played for the LA Clippers, Detroit Pistons, and Brooklyn Nets. Griffin, born in Oklahoma City on March 16, 1989, is known for his All-Star career and 2011 NBA Rookie of the Year win. Outside of basketball, Griffin is known for his philanthropic work and media appearances.

Public Appearances and Media Attention

  • Finley Elaine Griffin’s media exposure is limited despite her high-profile family. Her parents work hard to provide her with a well-rounded, grounded childhood away from the public eye. Their efforts show a desire to provide Finley with a feeling of normalcy and solitude amid her family’s renown.

Finley Elaine Griffin Social Media Account

I can’t share details about personal social media accounts, including Finley Elaine Griffin’s. Maintaining privacy and not revealing personal information without consent is vital. Please let me know if I can help with any non-sensitive questions or in any other way.

Finley Elaine Griffin – Net worth 2024

Finley Elaine Griffin lives comfortably with her family, and her father, Blake Griffin, has a net worth estimated at $60 million as of 2022. Blake Griffin’s NBA success and off-court achievements have helped the Griffin family financially.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Parents of Finley Elaine Griffin?

A: NBA star Blake Griffin and former basketball player and entrepreneur Brynn Cameron are Finley Elaine Griffin’s parents.

Q: Finley Elaine Griffin was born when?

A: On September 21, 2016, Finley Elaine Griffin was born. For February 2024, she is 7 years and 5 months old.

Q: For what is Finley Elaine Griffin famous?

A: NBA player Blake Griffin’s daughter is Finley Elaine Griffin.

Q: Does Finley Elaine Griffin have siblings?

A: Finley has an older brother, Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin, and a half-brother, Cole Cameron Leinart, from her mother.


NBA star Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron had Finley Elaine Griffin in September 2016. Due to her family’s prominence, Finley has garnered public attention despite her young age. She has an older brother and a half-brother from her mother.

Her early years were marked by media scrutiny, legal issues involving her parents, and prominent controversies, such as Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron’s palimony lawsuit. Finley now lives with her mother after this litigation.

While Finley’s schooling and employment are unknown, her parents are prudent.

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