Eleanor Talitha Bailey: Early Life, Parents, Physical Appearance, Career, Personal Life & More

Eleanor Talitha Bailey stands out as a notable figure in the United States, coming from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. Her lineage connects her to the esteemed American actress and model, Devon Aoki Bailey, adding prestige to her own story.

As the third child and second daughter in the Bailey family, Eleanor represents the essence of American upbringing and familial bonds. Her parents, Devon Aoki and James Bailey, have provided the foundation for her journey, instilling values that shape her identity both as an individual and as part of a celebrated lineage.

Exploring the captivating narrative of Eleanor Talitha Bailey reveals a multifaceted tapestry woven with various aspects of her life. Beyond her family ties, this journey delves into her age, the rich history of her family, glimpses into her financial standing, her approach to relationships, ambitions in her career pursuits, educational endeavors, and even details about her physical appearance.

Join us as we dive into Eleanor’s story, characterized by authenticity, integrity, and a dedication to excellence in all aspects of her life.\

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Wiki

Full NameEleanor Talitha Bailey
Date of BirthFebruary 12, 2015
Eleanor Talitha Bailey Age9 years in 2024
Birth SignAquarius
Place of BirthUnited States
ParentsDevon Aoki (mother), James Bailey (father)
SiblingsAlessandra Linville Bailey (sister), James Hunter Jr (brother), Evelyn Bailey (sister)
RelativesSteve Aoki (uncle), Hiroaki Aoki (grandfather), Pamela Hilburger (grandmother)
Height4 feet 3 inches (129 cm)
Weight39 kilograms (86 pounds)
Known ForBeing Devon Aoki’s daughter

Who Is Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

Allow me to introduce Eleanor Talitha Bailey, whose mother is the well-known American actress and model, Devon Aoki.

Devon Aoki has left an indelible mark on Hollywood with iconic roles like Suki in “2 Fast 2 Furious” and has graced the covers of numerous magazines. Her collaborations with global brands such as Adidas, Loreal, and Tiffany & Co. showcase her influence beyond the realm of acting.

Inspired by her mother’s illustrious career, Eleanor Talitha Bailey has ventured into brand representation, following in the footsteps of Devon. She has aligned herself with prestigious brands and has notably served as a brand ambassador for a renowned travel luggage company, infusing her distinctive style into the world of endorsements.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Early Life And Education

In her early years, Eleanor Talitha Bailey found solace and fascination in the wonders of science and nature while growing up in the serene town of Meadowbrook. Despite facing financial hardships, her longing for education burned bright.

Attending the local public school, Eleanor’s passion for learning, especially in the realm of science, shone through. With dedicated support from her teachers and her own curiosity, she excelled academically, laying the groundwork for her future endeavors.

Graduating from high school with flying colors, Eleanor encountered the obstacle of financing her higher education. Undaunted, she tirelessly pursued scholarships and grants, eventually securing a spot at Meadowbrook University. There, she delved into her studies in Science Education, fueled by resilience and determination, shaping the path towards her future career aspirations.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Grandparents

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s family history is filled with captivating tales. Her grandfather, Hiroaki Aoki, affectionately called Rocky, lived a life full of adventure, from wrestling matches to powerboat races, bringing excitement wherever he went. Originally from Japan, he later settled in the United States, finding success as the owner of the esteemed Benihana restaurant.

On the flip side, Eleanor’s grandmother, Pamela Hilburger, is a talented artist with roots in Germany and England. Preferring a quieter life away from the public eye, Pamela dedicated herself to her passions for painting and jewelry making after separating from Aoki in 1991.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Parents

Eleanor’s Mother, Devon Aoki

Eleanor’s Mother, Devon Aoki

Devon Aoki was born on August 10, 1982, right in the heart of New York City. But she’s more than just your average actress and model; there’s something about her that sets her apart.

You might recognize Devon from popular films like “2 Fast 2 Furious,” “Sin City,” “DOA: Dead or Alive,” and “Mutant Chronicles.” She’s made quite a name for herself in the fashion world too, not just for her stunning looks, but also for her unique sense of style and creativity.

But Devon’s family background is pretty remarkable too. Her parents, Pamela Hilburger and Rocky Aoki, are quite famous in their own right, especially Rocky, who’s the mastermind behind the renowned Benihana restaurant chain.

And it doesn’t stop there – Devon is part of a talented and diverse family. Alongside her DJ brother Steve Aoki, she shares the spotlight with siblings like Echo V. Aoki, Kana Grace Nootenboom, Jenifer Crumb, Kevin Aoki, and Kyle N. Aoki. It’s clear that talent runs deep in the Aoki family, with each member leaving their own mark in various fields.

Eleanor’s Dad, James Bailey

Eleanor’s Dad, James Bailey

Devon Aoki’s spouse, James Bailey, tends to maintain a low profile, preferring not to frequently appear in public or engage with the media. Their journey as a couple began in 2011 when they exchanged vows and embarked on their family life together.

In his professional pursuits, James is recognized for his strong work ethic and a passion for achieving success. However, specific details about his business ventures and background are not readily available in public sources.

Alongside Devon Aoki, James takes an active role in raising their three children, including Eleanor Talitha Bailey.

The family’s commitment to privacy means that detailed information about James Bailey’s personal and professional life is scarce, reflecting their preference to maintain a level of privacy in their public presence.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Height And Weight

Eleanor, at 4 feet 3 inches (129 cm) tall and weighing 39 kilograms (86 pounds), possesses a petite yet enchanting presence. Despite her small stature, she effortlessly charms those around her with her delightful personality and appealing physical features. As she matures, it’s clear that Eleanor holds the potential to blossom into a striking young woman, inheriting traits from her beautiful mother, Devon Aoki. With her endearing character and promising attributes, Eleanor is poised to make a lasting impression as she navigates through adolescence and beyond, guided by the love and support of her family.

Her diminutive frame serves as a canvas for her charming personality to shine, captivating hearts with her undeniable allure. While her youthful appearance reflects her age, there’s a natural grace and poise in Eleanor’s demeanor that hints at her future evolution into a confident and refined young lady. Each day brings new growth for Eleanor, drawing inspiration from her mother’s elegance and poise as she embarks on the journey to adulthood. Embracing self-discovery, Eleanor’s unique blend of charm and charisma assures to leave a memorable impact on those she encounters, paving the way for a bright and promising future ahead.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Career

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Career

In November 2023, Eleanor achieved a significant milestone in her blossoming modeling career by gracing the cover of Vogue Japan alongside her iconic supermodel mother, Devon Aoki. Their elegant presence captured the hearts of readers worldwide, showcasing not only Eleanor’s natural grace and beauty but also the strong bond between mother and daughter. Devon proudly shared behind-the-scenes glimpses from the photoshoot on Instagram, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to feature alongside her beloved “baby girl” Eleanor.

Beyond the glamour of modeling, Eleanor has a passion for sports, particularly horse racing. In the same month, she showcased her athleticism and competitive spirit by clinching the top spot at the prestigious Horses in the Park competition. Devon celebrated Eleanor’s victory with a heartfelt message on social media, praising her daughter’s triumph alongside her equine partner, Socks. This insight into Eleanor’s diverse interests reflects her zest for life, as she pursues her passions with determination and grace, buoyed by the unwavering love and support of her family.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Relationship

Eleanor finds joy in her own company, immersing herself in the adventures that childhood brings. Her parents, James Bailey and Devon Aoki, live lavish lifestyles, but their love story is nothing short of a fairytale.

It all began with a chance blind date that blossomed into a romance straight out of the movies. Despite the whirlwind pace, they took the leap and became engaged within a mere six months. On April 23, 2011, they exchanged vows in a stunning Los Angeles wedding, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, turning their fairytale into reality.

While Eleanor treasures her innocence, her parents’ love story serves as a touching reminder that true love knows no bounds and has the power to create enchanting miracles.

Eleanor Net Worth

Eleanor Net Worth

Eleanor’s family lives in a world of luxury and success, reflecting their dedication and achievements. Devon Aoki’s estimated net worth is around $30 million, while James Bailey’s stands at $4 million. They own multiple homes in Benedict Canyon and Los Angeles, which symbolize their prosperity and affluence.

Growing up in such a privileged environment, Eleanor has been provided with a solid foundation for a future filled with opportunities. Being raised in an environment where dreams are not only encouraged but actively supported, thanks to the deliberate efforts of Devon and James, sets the stage for Eleanor to explore boundless possibilities ahead.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey On Social media

Many young individuals, particularly those who are born into the public eye, often prefer to maintain a low profile on social media platforms. Eleanor Talitha Bailey, for example, does not actively use popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, nor does she have her own dedicated social media account.

Instead of creating her own digital presence, Eleanor occasionally appears on her mother Devon Aoki’s social media profiles. This allows glimpses into her life and the family’s activities while maintaining a sense of privacy and preserving her childhood away from excessive public attention. It’s a thoughtful approach that allows her to enjoy the benefits of her mother’s online sharing while safeguarding certain aspects of her life from public scrutiny.


Q. How old is Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

Eleanor is currently eight years old.

Q. What are the names of Eleanor’s parents?

Eleanor’s parents are James Bailey and Devon Aoki.

Q. When did James Bailey and Devon Aoki get married?

James and Devon exchanged vows on April 23, 2011, in Los Angeles.

Q. What is notable about James and Devon’s relationship?

Their love story began with a serendipitous blind date and swiftly evolved into a fairy tale romance, culminating in a picturesque wedding surrounded by cherished loved ones.


Eleanor Talitha Bailey embodies the innocence and wonder of childhood, enveloped in the love and luxury of her parents’ world. At just eight years old, she treasures the simplicity of school and the joys of being a child, with dating far from her thoughts. James Bailey and Devon Aoki share a captivating love story, a testament to the enchantment of genuine affection. Despite their affluent lifestyle, Eleanor holds dear her youthful innocence, knowing that her parents’ love transcends material riches. As she continues to mature, Eleanor’s journey promises to be one of discovery and adventure, guided by the unwavering love of her family.

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