Andy Elliott Net Worth 2024: Personal Life, Career, Age, Height, Weight, Facts, and Everything

Net Worth

$12 million

Born in 1980, Andy Elliott, at 43 years old, stands tall at an impressive height of 5 feet 11 inches and maintains a robust physique, weighing around 170 lbs. His commitment to a rigorous fitness routine has not only sculpted his muscular frame but has also garnered admiration, making him a source of inspiration for many on his various social media platforms.

Andy Elliott is an accomplished American entrepreneur, automotive sales trainer, and influential presence on social media. His journey, beginning in 1980, has evolved into a remarkable career, contributing to an estimated net worth ranging from $1-5 million as of 2023. Andy’s success narrative is a testament to his unwavering dedication, profound passion for his craft, and distinctive approach to navigating the dynamic business landscape.

Andy Elliott’s Net Worth

Andy Elliott’s substantial net worth, estimated at around $12 million, serves as a testament to his exceptional success as a businessman and a proficient educator in the art of selling cars. His prowess extends beyond financial achievements, encompassing a creative and innovative approach to sales training. Andy’s business acumen shines through in his intelligent decision-making and keen ability to identify and seize opportunities within the market. The impact of his teachings goes beyond monetary gains, underscoring the significant difference he has made in empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for successful car sales. In essence, Andy Elliott’s net worth not only quantifies his financial accomplishments but also symbolizes the enduring influence he has had on shaping the landscape of car sales education.

NameAndy Elliott’s 
Net Worth$12 million
Salary$8 million (approx.)

Who is Andy Elliott?

Renowned as a prosperous entrepreneur and a leading authority in the realm of automotive sales, Andy Elliott has earned acclaim for his innovative approach to teaching individuals the art of selling cars. Serving as the founder and CEO of The Elliott Group, he has established himself as a premier expert in the field, contributing to the success of numerous individuals and companies. Andy’s reputation as a forward-thinker is underscored by his continuous development of novel methodologies within the automotive sales domain. His extensive knowledge in sales training, coupled with a strong ambition to be his leader, has been instrumental in cultivating a thriving and enduring career. Over the years, Andy Elliott has left an indelible mark on the auto business, demonstrating his commitment to excellence and making a substantial impact in shaping the industry.

Full NameAndy Elliott
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Automotive Sales Trainer, Social Media Influencer
Birth Year1980
Age43 years old
Height5 feet 11 inches
WeightApproximately 170 lbs
Net WorthEstimated around $12 million
SalaryApproximately $8 million
SpouseJacqueline Elliott
ChildrenIan, Sofia, Kira
ResidenceScottsdale, Arizona
CompanyThe Elliott Group

Andy Elliott’s Age, Height, and Weight

Born in 1980, Andy Elliott, at 43 years old, commands attention not just for his age but also for his striking stature at 5 feet 11 inches and a weight of around 170 lbs. His physical presence is underscored by a disciplined fitness regimen and an unwavering dedication to maintaining a muscular physique, earning him admiration and inspiration on various social media platforms.

However, this commitment to physical fitness has not been without controversy. In a business context, Andy’s insistence on employees maintaining six-pack abs has ignited a passionate debate touching on body image and equitable employment practices. While some applaud his focus on discipline and health, others argue that it may foster unrealistic expectations and potentially lead to discrimination based on physical appearance.

Regardless of the polarizing viewpoints, Andy Elliott’s age, height, and weight stand as a testament to his commitment to fitness and overall well-being, shaping a narrative that goes beyond numbers and delves into the complex intersections of personal choices, business practices, and societal perceptions.

Andy Elliott’s Early Life 

From a young age, Andy Elliott harbored an intense drive to excel, coupled with a profound fascination for automobiles. His childhood was marked by a deep-rooted interest in cars and the intricacies of their sales process. Driven by this passion, Andy pursued formal education to equip himself with the requisite skills for his envisioned career path. He devoted considerable time and effort to studying business and marketing disciplines, recognizing their pivotal role in navigating the complex terrain of motor vehicle sales.

Andy’s academic endeavors not only furnished him with essential knowledge but also sculpted his perspective on the automotive industry and its intricate dynamics. His educational journey served as a cornerstone for honing his understanding of business strategies, consumer behavior, and effective sales techniques. Armed with this comprehensive foundation, Andy Elliott emerged prepared to confront the challenges inherent in the competitive realm of motor vehicle sales.

Moreover, Andy’s schooling not only equipped him with practical insights but also influenced his approach to teaching others the art of salesmanship. Drawing upon his educational experiences, he developed methodologies that amalgamated theoretical principles with real-world applications, ensuring the efficacy of his training programs.

In essence, Andy Elliott’s formative years epitomized a transformative period characterized by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a steadfast commitment to mastering the intricacies of automotive sales. His educational odyssey not only shaped his professional trajectory but also laid the groundwork for his enduring impact on the industry.

Andy Elliott’s Educational Background

Andy Elliott, a distinguished entrepreneur and automotive sales trainer, deviated from the traditional educational trajectory, opting for a non-conventional path to success. Born in 1980, he entered the workforce at an early age, placing a premium on acquiring practical experience and refining his skills within the sales industry. Despite bypassing university, Andy’s unwavering dedication and tireless efforts propelled him to achieve extraordinary success in his career.

His journey stands as a testament to the proposition that success is not exclusively tethered to formal education. In the dynamic realms of sales and entrepreneurship, where practical skills and hands-on experience often hold more sway, Andy Elliott’s achievements underscore the significance of determination and a genuine passion for learning. Breaking records and ascending to a prominent position in the automotive sales industry showcase his commitment and unparalleled expertise.

The narrative challenges the conventional narrative that a college degree is an indispensable prerequisite for professional triumph. Instead, Andy’s story emphasizes the value of perpetual self-improvement, adaptability, and the astuteness to seize opportunities within the ever-evolving landscape of business.

In essence, Andy Elliott’s educational background serves as a beacon, illustrating that while formal education can furnish a sturdy foundation, the true essence of success lies in the ability to leverage practical skills, industry insights, and an unyielding resolve. His journey becomes a source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs and sales professionals, encouraging them to forge their unique paths marked by resilience, continual learning, and a passion for their craft.

Andy Elliott’s Family

Family MembersNames
SpouseJacqueline Elliott
ChildrenIan, Sofia, Kira
ResidenceScottsdale, Arizona

Andy Elliott’s Personal Life and Relationships

Andy Elliott is known for his strong family values and loyalty to loved ones. His deep relationship with his wife, Jacqueline Elliott, is the foundation of his family. They enjoy mutual respect and understanding. Andy finds it essential to balance his personal and professional obligations in his everyday life.

His relationship with Jacqueline gives him strength and support, helping him grow personally and professionally. 

Career & Awards

Andy Elliott began his renowned career as a car salesperson at age 18. He quickly became the top seller in his state due to his unwavering passion and attention to salesmanship. He set the US record for auto salesman profits with $715,000 in one year because of his remarkable talents and tireless work ethic.

Andy Elliott founded The Elliott Group in 2010 using his sales experience and knowledge. This bold move created a dynamic sales training organization that has shaped the industry by educating over 11,000 companies and 600,000 salespeople in 176 countries. Andy’s innovation has made him a sales expert, helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals.

Andy’s exceptional car sales achievements are noted. Many renowned prizes have recognized his outstanding efforts and abilities. These include the Sales Innovator, Global Sales Excellence, and Sales Trainer of the Year awards. These awards demonstrate Andy Elliott’s unwavering dedication to his trade and his mission to equip others with the skills and information needed to succeed in the competitive sales business. 

Career Highlights

  • Andy Elliott started selling cars at 18 and rapidly became the state’s best salesman. This early success set the stage for his car sales prowess.
  • To set himself apart, Andy broke the US record for car salesman annual earnings. He earned $715,000 in one year due to his exceptional performance, cementing his industry leadership.
  • In 2010, Andy Elliott founded The Elliott Group, a bold move. This revolutionary initiative has become a sales training powerhouse, teaching over 11,000 organizations and 600,000 salespeople in 176 countries. The Elliott Group has made Andy a global leader in car sales training.

 Andy Elliott’s Awards

Sales Innovator Award2015National Sales Association
Global Sales Excellence Award2017International Sales Federation
Sales Trainer of the Year Award2019Global Sales Institute

Andy Elliott’s career is marked by financial success and a rich tapestry of honors that demonstrate his aptitude and dedication to sales. His groundbreaking sales training has changed professional development.

Andy Elliott’s many honors demonstrate his exceptional contributions. He has changed numerous lives and organizations worldwide via his unrelenting pursuit of empowerment. 

The Journey of Andy Elliott

  • Andy Elliott, born in 1980 in the US, has had a remarkable career of achievement and invention.
  • He entered the tough world of vehicle sales at 18, starting a career that would change industry standards.
  • Andy rose quickly to become his state’s best seller. His $715,000 annual profits broke the US car salesman record, proving his expertise.
  • Andy Elliott launched The Elliott Group in 2010 to revolutionize sales training. This daring program has now impacted over 11,000 firms and 600,000 salespeople in 176 countries.
  • Andy has received the Sales Innovator Award, Global Sales Excellence Award, and Sales Trainer of the Year Award for his excellent efforts. These awards demonstrate his dedication to quality and innovation.
  • Andy’s philosophy transcends financial goals. He believes success is about making a difference and leaving a lasting impression on people, not just money. This philosophy describes Andy Elliott’s incredible journey, where success is measured not in numbers but in his transforming impact on people and organizations globally.
Full NameAndy Elliott
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Automotive Sales Trainer, Social Media Influencer
Net Worth$1-5 million (estimated in 2023)
CompanyThe Elliott Group
AwardsSales Innovator Award, Global Sales Excellence Award, Sales Trainer of the Year Award

How did Andy Elliott accumulate his wealth?

The many factors that have made Andy Elliott rich must be examined to understand his wealth. Most notable is Andy’s vehicle sales job, where he showed unmatched passion and competence. His remarkable skills brought him to the top of his field, making him one of the top salespeople in his state. He set a new US record for the highest yearly auto salesman profits, earning $715,000 in one year.

Andy’s entrepreneurial success has increased his wealth. He founded The Elliott Group, a groundbreaking sales training organization, in 2010. Andy’s Elliott Group has taught many firms and salespeople internationally, demonstrating his strategic vision and acumen. Andy has shared important information and provided deep insights into sales through this enterprise. The Elliott Group’s rapid growth and widespread influence contribute to Andy’s significant net worth, establishing his status as an entrepreneurial and sales training pioneer. 

Source of WealthDetails
Car SalesAndy’s exceptional sales skills earned him record-breaking earnings as a car salesman.
The Elliott GroupAndy’s sales training company has trained thousands of companies and salespeople worldwide.
Social Media InfluenceAndy’s significant presence on platforms like YouTube adds to his sources of income.

Andy’s social media influence is very significant. He uses his YouTube channel to share sales advice, motivation, and personal and professional life with over 1.6 million subscribers. This social media influence may help him accumulate a fortune.

Andy Elliott’s $1-5 million net worth comes from a successful sales career, business activities, and a strong web presence. His financial success is based on his ability to succeed in numerous disciplines and leverage multiple income streams. 

The Importance of Physical Fitness

Many people today value fitness and live an active lifestyle. The widespread recognition of the many benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet includes increased cardiovascular health, strength and endurance, mental wellness, and illness prevention. Andy Elliott’s dedication to fitness reflects his principles and the growing public health and wellness movement.

The Controversy Surrounding Appearance Standards

Promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle is generally desirable, although workplace appearance standards cause conflict. Detractors say such expectations may promote prejudice by stressing looks over abilities and qualifications. Promoting a healthy lifestyle while sustaining fair work policies that value different skills, qualifications, and diversity requires a delicate balance. 

Andy Elliott Interesting Facts:

  • Few people know these amazing Andy Elliott facts:
  • Andy Elliott started motor sales training because he loves vehicles.
  • Elliott is an automobile veteran with over 20 years of expertise.
  • Elliott, known for his creativity, innovates sales training methods.
  • He emphasizes practical sales skills.
  • Elliott strongly promotes skill development and lifelong learning.
  • Andy Elliott has made The Elliott Group a sales training leader.
  • Elliott is well-known in the automotive business for his sales training innovations.
  • He works to adjust his training packages to market changes.

Andy Elliott’s Other Interesting Hobbies:

Andy Elliott’s leisure hobbies reflect his artistic and imaginative nature. He follows automobile technological improvements because of his passion. Beyond technology, Elliott finds peace and inspiration in outdoor activities that relax and inspire him. His enthusiasm for cars blends with his desire to learn and create.

Andy Elliott’s Social Media Presence

Andy Elliott uses social media to engage with his audience and share insights and motivation. With a large following across channels, he inspires and educates salespeople. His prominent social media presence is listed below. 


YouTube shows Andy Elliott’s digital prowess with over 1.6 million subscribers and growing. His channel is a hub for salespeople, offering suggestions, strategies, and encouragement. Andy’s channel provides a wealth of knowledge on practical strategies and mindset modifications to help aspiring sales professionals succeed. 


Andy Elliott shares his personal and professional story on Instagram. With a growing following, he discusses health, family, and entrepreneurship. Andy gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at his trip through fascinating images and words.


Andy Elliott engages with his Facebook followers and shares great stuff. This platform allows him to connect with his audience more personally, building a community of sales and personal improvement enthusiasts.


Andy Elliott strategically promotes his professional accomplishments and exceptional skills on LinkedIn. He is respected in sales for sharing deep industry insights and thought leadership pieces. LinkedIn allows Andy to grow his network and make professional contacts while amplifying his influence. Andy Elliott uses social media to motivate and educate a varied audience, providing sales tips, encouragement, and insight into the life of a successful entrepreneur. 

Final Words

Due to his enthusiasm for the automobile sector, Andy Elliott has become a successful entrepreneur who provides unmatched sales training. His rise from automobile enthusiast to training firm founder is inspiring. Andy’s revolutionary sales training methods have impacted individuals, businesses, and the automobile industry worldwide, demonstrating his passion for his art. 

His innovations have transformed the auto business and improved salespeople globally. Andy Elliott of The Elliott Group leads positive transformation in auto sales training. His commitment reveals a path that will bring more beneficial changes to many lives.

Andy Elliott’s story shows how a personal passion may become a successful business that helps others. His narrative shows how one person’s passion for their trade can change an industry and its people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Andy Elliott

Q: How much is Andy Elliott worth in 2024?

A: Andy Elliott’s 2024 net worth is projected at $12 million.

Q: Andy Elliott’s age, height, and weight?

A: Andy Elliott, 43, was born in 1980. This 5’11” man weighs about 170 pounds.

Q: MAndy Elliott’s occupation?

A: Entrepreneur, automobile sales trainer, and social media influencer Andy Elliott.

Q: Why is Andy Elliott’s workplace fitness standard controversial?

A: Andy Elliott has been criticized for requiring six-pack abs, triggering body image and fair employment disputes.


Andy Elliott’s rise from car enthusiast to successful entrepreneur and esteemed automotive sales trainer shows the power of passion and dedication. His sales success and social media reach have impacted people and businesses worldwide. Despite beauty standards debates, Andy’s dedication to exercise and well-being is central to his story.

His tale inspires individuals who want to turn their hobbies into successful businesses. Andy’s story emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and innovation for excellence. 

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